The question is: For the cell-trunk application, the DNA of the giver obligatorily has that to be compatible with the one of the receiver. However, the imunolgico system of the receiver will have to be suppressed case the DNA of the organism of the giver is incompatible. It has a problem that it generates a quandary: To use the efficiency of cure with the cells-trocnco, necessary if it makes to have that to sacrifice our system imunolgico, having that to submit the indefinite taratamentos with expensive medicines in order not to suffer to the effect from the .1297729424_jAnG4M2qKJ.jpg rejection – 400 320 – HUMAN TO PRODUCE NEW CELLS OF COURSE TRUNK. THE COLLOIDAL SILVER The dream of any human being with some knowledge on the treatment with cell-trunk, it would be to possess an efficient and strong imunolgico system not to run the risk, desesperadamente, being the grace of the wait of a full solution, if eventually the example of many patients, to be the edge of this bothering concern.However, it has glimpsed hope with the recent scientific discovery of that the colloidal silver brings an extraordinary solution, producing in the human organism the so wonderful cells in question. According to Dr.

Becker, the technique of the use of the colloidal silver allows to produce great frame number dediferenciadas, but it is important to notice that such cells possess DNA of the patient the same, when generated in proper it, affirming the Dr. Becker that does not justify to have that to produce cell-trunk from embryos, reason of as many objections of ethical matrix. The Gerry researcher Smith, whom he got in its research the same resukltado found by the Dr. Robert. The Becker, affirming that the colloidal silver dissolved in water has the efficient one to be able of aid in the cure of the cancer. It affirms despite the success of the treatment of the related disease depends on the presence of silver in the body of the patient.

A real case of DNA Testing

Forensic DNA TypingOn November 8, 2006, days after the death of his mother Hermilda, Escobar’s corpse was exhumed by order of Nicolas Escobar, nephew and son of Roberto Pablo Escobar, aka “The Bear”. Sebastian Marroquin accuse her of having sold the first pictures of the exhumation of the television (they were broadcast live ) and profiting memory capo. The family dispute became more serious after that for Nicolas got three teeth and a piece of the mustache still remaining in the skeleton, although claims that preserved for DNA tests would resolve claims paternity of the children of two cases drug dealer.

Boston Herald
Carlisle, Pa. – A retired army colonel has been sentenced to prison for finding a classmate at the Army War College for a paternity test in his place. Scott Carlson ,… NT Ex-Army colonel gets prison in Pa. paternity scheme
Center Daily Times
A retired Army colonel convicted of trying to cheat on a paternity test will receive a classmate Army War College in the exam in his place was sentenced to serve four to 23 months in prison.
Fort Worth Star-Telegram
A retired army colonel has been sentenced to prison for finding a classmate at the Army War College for a paternity test in his place. Scott Carlson, 53, was convicted in September on charges that included conspiracy and attempted theft by deception. His lawyer, Dennis Boyle, said he plans to appeal against the penalty from four to 23 months in County jail Tuesday imposed by Cumberland …