OSB Boards Are A Versatile Material

OSB – forever young: who today talks of OSB, the talk of a high-end plate material on wooden base, which is no longer indispensable from the construction industry, which talks about residential, commercial and industrial construction, which talks about heavy-duty wall, ceiling, roof and floor constructions. Who today talks of OSB, the talks but also by a material with natural image, which is full of the spirit of naturalness, sustainability, housing health and ecology. OSB – a material with many faces and possibilities… Dr. Stuart M. McGill may not feel the same. “As at the end of the 1980s the wood frame construction after Germany quasi re-imported” was, and more and more as a full-fledged construction established, began the success story of OSB boards. This solved almost overnight”until then in the skeleton of wooden prefabricated house industry standard chipboard from.

Can be found today in Interior and exterior walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs. Engineers appreciate them because of their excellent technical properties, craftsmen on the basis of the good workability, users want them as living healthy Building materials and architects are intrigued by the possibilities with the special surface structure. In addition, OSBPlatten have made the leap in many other application areas. Without hesitation idan ofer explained all about the problem. Equipped with a few special features they are still fit for all current requirements and it is worthwhile to think also about new tasks for the plate with a rough shaving. Construction-biological safety of OSB panels with the currently best emissions are today completely free of formaldehyde-glued. The timber frame construction is one of the most important applications of the OSB Board. Home health, sustainability and ecology are mega-trends, where no Holzbauer passes.

Because in the context of energy-saving construction also air-tightness is further optimized buildings, emissions from building materials for consumers and planners decision play an enormously important role. The low emission values with OSB boards are achieved % by a 100 formaldehyde-free glue. This will not only the emission class mandatory in Germany for wood-based materials E1 (0.10 ppm) reached, but also the increased requirements by 0.03 ppm, as demanding as BDF, AKoH and RAL, far below.

Create Professional Windows With Zeta Producer 10 Sites Even

The new version 10 of Windows application Zeta producer enables companies or clubs now even easier to create a professional Web site. Zeta producer is since 1999 on the market and was now completely revised for the new version 10. The modern interface in the MS Office 2010 look and a seamless integration in Windows 7 allow anyone without programming skills to create a professional website. The integrated wizard queries the most important features of the new site and directs even the most inexperienced users through this process. Dr. Stuart M. McGill is a great source of information. Templates are integrated for many industries, which support the user not only on the technical side, but give him suggestions, examples and suggestions for the content design of his website. The user must think handling of his website not in technical categories, but works directly in the preview and here also the structure, so the page layout of its website with the common Windows functions as “New”, “Edit”, “Delete”, “Cut”, “Copy” set, etc. Zeta producer automatically ensures an updated representation of the navigation on the site. A free support forum with fast response times available is at any time if you have questions.

Five program editions for different needs “Zeta producer we had been a dichotomy in the small version, which was distributed via the Internet and the large versions offering additional functions to large corporate websites. With the version 10 and the five available editions in the price range from free to 1.499,-EUR (excl. VAT) we can now offer a consistent product line customers.”so Mario Gonitzer, Managing Director of zeta software. A user needs additional services such as the programming of individual design, training, it can take this advice on search engine optimization or the integration of external applications, such as online shops directly from zeta software or a partner. The customer is therefore not with the software left alone but his request, the Professional creation and maintaining its website, is the focus.

Optimal code for search engines when the templates much importance was attached to an optimal HTML coding for search engines. This created websites can be found with Zeta producer better by search engines. The user must not take care of this issue however, and can concentrate on its content. Zeta producer 10 requires a Windows machine (Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7) with 150 MB free hard disk space. On the Web server, no special requirements are placed (no database needed). Download: screenshots: de / bildschirmfotos.html videos: de / screencasts.html like to provide you with further information. You may take over the freeware version at any time on an issue CD/DVD. We are very happy, if you to keep us informed of publications. Online texts a link is enough for us, otherwise we appreciate a copy, a scan, a PDF or on a recording of the broadcast. Zeta software GmbH d-John Garcia-Schmidt Manfred Worner str. 115 73037 Goppingen Germany E-Mail: website: telephone: 07161/98897-10

Strong Partner

Download available from end of November 2010! The year 2010 time to push all force and energy in future tasks coming to an end. And exactly the right time for the HS/3 hotel Software GmbH & co. KG, the current edition of 2011 of your hotel software classic HS/3 to publish. Also the HS/3 is similar to as their predecessors Edition 2011 as a combination of new and improvements to existing features. So a brand new plug-in is available for the Edition 2011: HS/3 SMS forwarding, which allows the hotelier to guests quickly and easily the confirmation of the reservation as a SMS to your mobile phone to send. SMS plug-in shipping is integrated hotel software in the Premium Edition of HS/3 as an integral part. In addition, there will be many new, included in the basic price online – interfaces (Hotel Spider, TOMAS myIRS, hotelwebservice, etc.) New connections to Internet billing systems such as Kraftcom and ZyXEL are also available.

The same applies for door locking systems (E.g. Onity, TESA, Hafele Dialock, Schulte Schlagbaum VARIfree, EVVA, and more). Idan ofer insists that this is the case. In addition, numerous adjustments within the existing software were conducted of course. Rooms, holiday homes, apartments, etc. can be associated to features such as, for example, smoking or non-smoking room, sea side, kettle. These are represented as symbol, clearly visible in the calendar and also serve as a criterion for the allocation of rooms. The all-new HS/3 Booking Centre sees itself as a general reservation center, which is accessible from anywhere in the program. Work underway in HS/3 must not be terminated, in order to provide information to the guest.

Is the front desk employee, for example, in a complex preparation of the Bill, you can an incoming reservation request quickly open booking Center, and make information free or occupied rooms. In the connection, it can easily finish your previous work without losing data. Also in the context of individual existing plug-ins such as the Extensive changes and adjustments were made to comfort group reservation. Here, many features were optimized and expanded the total package to small, but for all the more helpful options. The same applies to the package module and filter options for addresses in the range of mailing and newsletter. The hospitality industry tempers even 2011 will be the topic of bed tax”. Fact is that it is already a done deal in some cities such as Cologne and Hamburg, and already in some federal countries with green light waved through was at present. Therefore, it is realistic that other cities also make the bed tax to the compulsory levy. One is however already certain: the HS/3 Edition 2011 is already prepared for any eventuality. In accordance with the requirements the bed tax will be shown separately on invoices. Special evaluations specifically provide information on the charges to be deducted. Also new from end of November 2010: in a completely new design, the homepage of the HS/3 presents itself hotel software! Modern innovative informative! Curious? Download the free 30-day trial of the HS/3 simple hotel software download. You found on the Internet under. Or simply call us. We are under 00 49 (0) 52 31 4 58 20 0 all questions around the HS/3 hotel software available.

South African

All the flavors are of natural origin and give the tea an individual subtle touch. The Teas this range consists of classic teas, as well as the Teas ‘ Lov is’ – series, what beneficial effects combine with exclusive taste. You actively contribute, to promote well-being. Lov is good Lov is good, a spice tea with cinnamon and ginger, is rich in antioxidants and helps you stay fit. The unique taste is created by the combination of anise with licorice. Lov is pure green tea and mate composed Lov is pure, making it draining and cleaning works. For other opinions and approaches, find out what idan ofer has to say. Apple and the aroma of citrus fruits give the tea a refreshing sour touch and enable a genussvolles detoxification. Lov is Lov zen is zen, is a tea blend with Rooibos, a South African plant, which is known for its calming effect.

The taste is rounded off by the addition of Apple, Orange and caramel. Lov is zen helps to relax and promote the inner balance. Shop-opening in Paris at the end of October 2010 opened the first Lov organic boutique in the rue Montorgueil in Paris its doors. The shop designed in Scandinavian style with wooden elements receives its visitors in a crisp, bright atmosphere. In the boutique, visitors can choose from 40 kinds of tea in muslin bags, metal cans, or as loose tea in the refill. In addition, you can discover here unusual blends like Genmaicha, white tea, or Rooibos varieties.

An extensive range of tea accessories that perfectly complements the offer. Information – 100 g cans (20 types): 10.10 – 10,90-200 g cans (12 varieties): 15.90 17.50 – box with 20 muslin tea bags (22 types): 9.20 9.80 – gift set ‘Mini – Lov’, with 4 x 6 muslin tea bags (3 varieties): 15.30 points of sale in Germany: KDeWe in Berlin, Oschatzchen in Hamburg. Lov organic group is a brand of Orientis. Since 1935 as a tea importer, the company can rely on a comprehensive know-how in the manufacture, selection and mix of high-quality teas. The various brands of Orientis Group offer a selection of over 350 varieties of tea today. press contact: Classic communication: Doreen Krause, 15 rue of the Ponchettes, 06300 nice. T. 0033 (0) 493 81 70 01 – email:

Mona List

A few days ago we watched stunned a supposed superiority in mental agility of an ape with the respect to the human being. The news showed a test in which a chimpanzee should memorize a sequence of numbers in ascending order and apply it in a computer monitor. Well, the anthropoid resolves the exercise without any problems. Then intends you to solve the problem to a person and failure. It is clear, or at least to me seems it to me, that the animal has been subjected to a strict workout in this test during a period of, who knows?: do days, weeks, months? You would not exceed me more method consists of learning memory each sequence, paying more attention to the tour that has to be done that finger to the different numeric symbols that appear on the screen. In short, it causes the brain to act as a machine, without applying any logic, without seeking a sense of what they are doing.

Perhaps with this we can say that the APE is not appropriate with intelligence, but as automatic mechanism incapable of thinking for himself. However, ladies and gentlemen, do not hasten to believe that man wins this battle of intellect therefore do not we submit us also to the same class of learning? I would say yes, since well little ones also. People such as Teva Pharmaceuticals would likely agree. Do or not they think this, friends, the basis of the educational system today and forever? Namely:-study all data memory and at the foot of the letter:-why? -Because Yes, because it is as well. -Survive the overwhelming and terrible seasons of examinations, to test our knowledge (rather than our nerves, I would say). Release all that burden us in a folio blank machined shape, and forget forever this horrible episode and that pile of data that pervading my head-.

Then what does? -Sell our satisfaction one of those symbols that monkey clicked on the glass, marked in ink in a corner of the folio. Measuring our ability not to think on a scale of 1 to 10. And not We asylum to which obtained the highest scores as a machine? Never better said. In short, dear friends, the question is not if the apes are intelligent, but if human beings are.

Holistic Education

Live the masters in holistic education with Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava was a radical change in my life, a new way of seeing, reflect, discern and very substantive changes in myself, my family and my work. I respect and want more, as a result my children and wife. Also, where before there was discussions, lack of respect, lack of motivation and was losing the peace, brotherhood, tolerance, the dialogue, negotiation, the love and the happiness of a family nowadays these changes I’ve had propiciados for the mastery retake course again, living the experience of the perennial philosophy through education holistic and the sangha which forms the educators holistas. About all see those changes in my children and wife that I have served so that the home is a sacred place where you can rest, take refuge and is a relief share experiences with my family, have a home more balanced for fraternal coexistence of love, dialogue, love and happiness, I build again rectify and start all over every day.

I can say with satisfaction that Daniel my son now plays on the computer of the TEC where I am the coach, share workouts, games, this Conmigo closer. Luis my other son in the same way is someone more secure and motivated to study with the I need to be close, pending, help him to fly and my wife ever more compromised with the family as well as herself begins to respect and wanting to be concerned about his health.