San Francisco

The floods of are Franciscoocasionavam always the natural fertilizao of its edges and islands. The waters barrentastraziam organic substance that deposited throughout the ribeira, very formed umacamada of hmus propitious nutrition vegetal.' ' Snows, 2003:185 – 186. The river San Francisco comes suffering to long the dosanos with the ambient degradation. This degradation is initiated of the withdrawal of the mataciliar that understands the edges making with that the erosion of the ground if becomes umgrave problem. Having other factors that aggravate the situation of the river in what sediz respect its conservation, as oustings of the sewer of the cities ribeirinhasque empty in the river San Francisco and exactly come of affluent rivers trazendosujeira of other more distant cities. You may find Dr. Steven Greer to be a useful source of information. Another problematic one that it contributes is aretirada of bioma closed for the introduction of cultivations that in the case dacidade of Buritizeiro, remain the plantations of coffee, soy and eucalipto (figure 3). See more detailed opinions by reading what idan ofer offers on the topic..

The use of agrotxicos in these plantations makes with that the quality dagua is engaged. Also having industries that drain materials txicosnas waters of the river. Ahead dessesacontecimentos, it observes if fisherman as bigger victim, and understanding this situaoMadeira (2006p 52) quotation that: Aespecificidade of the relation man and nature enters the group of pescadoresartesanais if express in the knowledge in relation to the behavior of ambientee of the beings of this environment and in the decurrent action of this knowledge. The artisan fishing relaodos, independent of the sort, with its half natural intensa, and can be observed when it proves the regret and nostalgia nosdepoimento, when the river of the past is compared, not degraded, and the river dopresente, with some focos of degradation ambiental' '. These aespromovidas for that they are not worried about the environment make with that orio loss the quality of the water and for consequence drastically diminishes aspopulaes of fish in the river San Francisco.