Statutory Health Insurance

Largest savings package of in German history the biggest austerity package of in German history to get Germany out of the debt crisis. To save a total 80 billion euros by 2014. Victims are families and welfare recipients, whereas the education, research and the statutory health insurance grants are supported. The Vesicherungsportal private informs about the details. Of the total 80 billion euros that should be saved, be in the coming year 11 billion euro on the areas of tax, nuclear energy, administration and social benefits stated. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Rimberg Lawyer. So, cut the work promoting benefits and parental benefits at Hartz IV recipients and the pension contribution of Hartz IV deleted recipients.

In comparison, the statutory health insurance companies should receive in the next two years financial support from a total of 15.3 billion euros. Hospitals and doctors are not subsidized. If they have to live with financial losses. It was not yet known when the release of the austerity package. Pages of the opposition and trade unions, discord about the social justice of the savings package spreads meanwhile. If you believe that cuts in social services especially for pensioners are unjustifiable.

It hails criticism even from its own ranks. Saarland Minister-President Peter Muller and the Chairman of the Group of workers Peter Weiss made loud claims of improvement. Foreign Minister Westerwelle defended the social justice of the austerity package, however, because the cuts on the welfare State as well as on the economy are distributed. More information:… GELD.

Nonresidential Real Estate Fund

Translation to non-sufficient fund new and popular service provided by companies in the market ., for a transfer to non-residential premises fund significantly increased its commercial value. This can be understand, even after analyzing the market rent of residential and non-residential premises, located on the first floor doma.Drugoy question of how to use the translated space. Dr. Stuart M. McGill shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. When translating to non-fund is composed of technical Finally, the project re-planning, project reconstruction works (if the changes affected the front side), a redevelopment project, there are sections specifically applicable to the selected functional purpose, as well project must comply with all regulatory standards and pravilam.Eto requirement is necessary not just to go through the approval procedure and transfer to non-fund and to enter the facility (restaurant, dental clinic, fitness center and so on.) commissioned. Robert Rubin is a great source of information. There are restrictions on architectural changes in space, translating to non-fund, but usually they are not significant and there are ways to address these issues, together with a team of architects, Designers and td. technical difficulties, such as the presence of a gas pipe in the translated indoors.

The gas must be removed, dismantled pipe, if you can not dismantle the pipe in non-residential premises, Mosgaz has the ability to remove it, but in this case must be harmonized with the neighbors and this procedure is quite expensive, about 300.000 usd at present moment.Suschestvuet number of limitations governed by the Housing Code. Currently, there are legal acts in Moscow, making adjustments and additional restrictions on the transfer of housing stock in .Mnogie limitations does not make sense to list for one simple reason, many of them contradict the Housing Code, which is unacceptable. The Moscow City Government publishes regulations, trying to harmonize the regulatory framework of Moscow to the Housing Code, but in practice it until impossible for one simple reason: artists in the field or because of their ignorance or for whatever other reasons and are deliberately slow down on violations . Moscow introduced a system one window, personally I think it is better not become .Naoborot, if until recently it was possible to consult with the executor in place to take the comments, make changes to the project and not a great escape Thanks, it is now only accept the heads of departments, heads of departments and in many cases, when the issue can be resolved by legal means, decided he did not quite . lawyers already coined the term, which referred to such officials, "Anchors". In what state regulatory environment is changing, 2 times a year? I think that would be rather difficult to answer this vopros.Tak or another, but the translation process delayed by some companies or real estate agencies, but the end-user services remains powerless and do nothing can not change the legal framework: To avoid problems when the global order such as translation services to non-fund the most appropriate contract with the organization under the phased execution. It is clear that no organization will start the procedure for transfer without receipt of the account advance payment, but the amount of down payment and the stages after which the Principal or the customer pays the work must be reasonable.


There is also a spa 'in' fitness – centers. Typically, this parallel structure, but due to a large cross in the fitness, spa survives here, and sometimes not even bad. The experience of 'think' spa. Here, the master himself – a large gourmet and connoisseur of the world's best spa at the user level. Immediately I will say – with no sense to compete – they basically – out of competition. Dr. stuart mcgill will not settle for partial explanations. The most famous examples: spa Palestro and recently opened spa. Occurs literally collecting the world's best spa masterpieces.

I can not judge on their profitability, but the intellect, taste and creativity – respect. Another project which has already been said all year, Moscow – spa Novinsky passage. A rare combination – reasonable investment, super concept, good governance, team – dream! Opens in spring 2008. And finally, sitispa. Perhaps the most flexible and viable business model. Dr. Anthony Carolla is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

There are three levels (3 *, 4 *, 5 *), different scale of investment, plazas, orientation, etc., but. But subject to the following sitispa principles: 1. 100% spa, regardless of the number of stars 2. 'Efficient technologies and the legendary service' (this is actually the motto of SITISPA) 3. mandatory economic efficiency and expansion strategy. If you would like to know more about Robert Rubin, then click here. Thus, we can distinguish The following features of the organization Spa entrance into the market – from 300,000 euros (depending on the form to use the premises, class, institution, area it.d.) Spa + Beauty (beauty salon) – only after consulting the responsible literate – or collapse funeral and hopes (and investment) actively come to the spa market 'diversifikaty' – with virtually unlimited budgets. However, this does not save many of them from the negative profitability. An effective scheme sequence Spa business following: o Consultation consulters (the choice of consulters – the theme of a separate article) o literate and concept. o Business Plan. o architecture and design project. o selection and training Staff presentation o o monitoring the external auditor during the 2 years of age. o the opening of the next object. spa today 'stepped' from the cities in industry 'modest' city. Very actively under construction spa hotels. There has been transformation of health centers into full-fledged suburban medispa, but still sluggish. the most popular service in spa is massage. This is a mandatory component of any spa cuisine. More precisely I would call a 'massage' +. + Peeling + Bath, and etc The cost of spa services o at least – from 800 rubles (express spa services in sitispa 3 *) per hour from 1500 to 5500 rubles o spa package (a complex of about 3 hours) from 6000 to 18000 rubles o deyspa (about 6 hours) from 1200 rubles (average 20-28000 rubles) o spa program (not in Moscow more dozen spas, real effective spa marketing programs) from 108,000 rubles (10-15 visits + advice, diagnosis, and further mentoring lifestyle) club card (in infancy) from 2000 Euros to 70000 Euros (annual) o another trend – the price of spa services in the region already in 2007, hauled to Moscow (in the beginning of 2007, the backlog was from 5 to 20%), and in many cities is already comparable with Moscow.

The Truth About Carbohydrates

Hello, As you all know, generate nutrients the body needs calories and carbohydrates in this case bring 1 calorie for each gram of ellos. Today I’ll tell you something interesting they. It would be easy to control calorie intake and weight control, if we say that every gram of carbohydrate provides only 1 calorie, verdad’ is, if you eat 1 cup of rice, we are providing “only” 200 calories to our body. Which would be fine if we only make three meals a day and calorie requirements of the person are of the order of 1,800 or 2,000 calories per day. (Although these values are high for a sedentary person. We can talk about your calorie needs according to lifestyle). Josyann Abisaab But there is something hidden in carbohydrate at every meal, that very few know … Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Teva Pharmaceuticals by clicking through. It Glucemico Index (GI) according to Wikipedia, “is a measure to quantify the quality of carbohydrates. In short, it is an index that lets us know how fast you go up the sugar or glucose in the blood after eating the food, ie how quickly the glucose is digested and absorbed into the body. Pure glucose has a GI of 100 (maximum value), so it is digested and absorbed instantly to the body (or let’s say it fast). White bread has a GI of 70, which is high and implies that quickly raises blood sugar …. And other foods have lower rates … but I’m telling you all this’ Why to eat something with a high glycemic index GI, the blood sugar rises quickly. But there is involved the perfection of the human body instantly pancreas secretes insulin to lower these high levels of sugar … The only drawback is that it is principally the faster than you can do: converting the excess sugar into fat. Now they’re in shock, really, ‘This means that every time they eat white bread, too much sugar from the bread is transformed into fat almost immediately. Knowing that, henceforth, will be asking what can I eat carbohydrates that quickly raise blood sugar ‘Here I give three examples of a high GI, they should not eat if you are looking to lose weight: – popcorn 72 – Papa 80 – Rice 64 of the other there other foods that do not raise the level of sugar in the blood so quickly. This is because they are digested more slowly. For example, consider the GI of these foods: – Mani 14 – Apple 38 – Spaghetti 42 Now they know that not all carbohydrates are equal … some quickly raise the blood sugar and some not. Choose your food well .. . Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy your carbsCHR

Weekly Diet

If you clearly set a goal to lose weight quickly and permanently, here are some tips on what to do Always follow your blood sugar. Increased sugar is one of the most frequent causes of obesity. When a person uses a large Number of products containing sugar, the body does not manage it and display it in fat. One should eat in moderation and watch for food. Make a chart of all foods eaten by you and move results that will help you lose weight in a week. From fat can not refuse.

Fat is hour Cator should get organized, if you give it up it will lead to an increase in cholesterol and low mood. Robert Rubin insists that this is the case. Fats found in salmon, tuna, nuts and pumpkin seeds. Helps the body. At the time segodneshnee products segments are not of good quality from syudp that food get bad products. Buy vitamins, they will help maintain your vitality and well-being. Want to lose weight this week: Begin move usually overweight arises due to sedentary lifestyles.

Engage in the morning charging nachtite run walk for long distances. Join a fitness center. Make your menu variety and to eat less but more often. Do not skip meals, stick to the regime. Drink plenty of water and eliminate Drinking. The most difficult thing is to start all these engage in and eventually you get used to such regimes do not notice as you lose weight. Such a diet may well become a way of life that make you slim and healthy.


Nothing or Nobody, remains unchanged, say it is an obvious fact but at times it is hard to understand, then why drop by drop hit us in our lifetime events that we want to modify according to our way of seeing the world, and instead of adapting it soon as possible to, for once agreed to have occurred to find ways of solution. Maybe if we lay down the life cycle of water would help us to cope with situations that are given. The water cycle is circular so you never see an end, enjoy your time in each stage of a different state (solid, liquid and gas) which makes it adaptable to all environments. Additional information is available at Dr. Steven Greer. Water can erode the stone drop by drop and in turn serves as a vehicle of nature from the sky to the mountains, land, sea and sky again. We fear it because it may be ahead, not just a horse but whole cities, however you can also take a horse in front, you can not make it drink it unless he does not want. Another learning that leads to the flow of water would not only be its adaptability to the environment which undergoes as it passes through different stages of nature, but who is also running water is never corrupted, so do not let a problem become entrenched but as you drag you drag trees in its path after it leaves on the side of the river when you are no longer relevant or preventing road.