New Cultural Location In Botnang Opened

Botnanger Publisher Peter Fenkart opened the ‘Botnanger basement of literature’ on January 15, 2011. Guests from Germany, Austria and the Switzerland came to this event. Stuttgart-Botnang, the 18.01.2011. “A cultural event offered new perspectives for Stuttgart on Saturday: at the start of the new Botnangers literature kellers” Vaihinger Highway Nr. 4 came to Botnang authors of the publishing house BOOKSUN and speakers from economy, science, culture and media. Hear from experts in the field like Teva Pharmaceutical Industries for a more varied view. The Botnanger literature Keller”continues a famous cultural tradition. The Publisher couple Peter and Eva-Maria Fenkart although restored an ancient wine cellar, but the history of this cellar is closely linked with the great jazz musician and SWR – (then SDR) presentor Horst Jankowski, as an inscription today and his piano is still there! In the opening program of the Botnangers literature kellers”, authors of the publishing house BOOKSUN came to Word, such as Gaby Poetsch, Christiane Grupp, Marion E. Wayne Holman Miami insists that this is the case. Jacob, Hilda Roder and Robert Gerling.

Two formed the start of the planned Internet channel BOOKSUN TV Live interviews (by Marion E. Jacob, former editor at SWR and BR) with Monika pot (the Academy of knowledge from Vorarlberg) and Margit Strasser (astrologer and coach from Roding). Future topics”offered including the Munich physicists Friedrich Jacob on frontiers of modern science”, the sales coach Klaus Wahl and the intuition coach Andreas Pott (Academy of knowledge”) at. Among the guests: Architect Wolfgang Kuhn from Schwabisch Hall and his wife. The young Stuttgart Publisher BOOKSUN will in the future all events, seminars, symposia and media productions (audiobooks and TV) in the Botnanger basement of literature”and perform his recording Studio. The cellar with a stage and technology can also be rented as rehearsal stage and as a venue for theatre, music and literature, or as a meeting room and Conference Hall (up to 70 persons). Last but not least professional-video and TV productions can be recorded here.

Balloon Ride And A Ride

Some days we will remember always, even with the passage of time. With the passage of the years we remember them as if today’s same were. The first day we were invited to ride a balloon, on our wedding day, or the day on which the first car you bought. These gifts are not only for a day, are forever, recalls the balloon ride and remember the person you made it possible. If you want that you remember, you can give mounted balloon balloon so that you remember forever.

Lasts several hours experience while will extend the candle, heats up and lifts the fabric, ride in a balloon pump and end up landing with cava and a lunch. For security reasons sometimes cannot be travel in balloon if bad weather or high winds. In that case an alternative date is offered so that you can enjoy an experience that is available to the entire family. You can enjoy the experience from six years and without heart disease. Nor is it advisable to do so while pregnant, and of course, you have to go with an adult if you’re underage. Wayne Holman has plenty of information regarding this issue. Checks the availability of the service to fit in balloon, not always seats available on the days you wish to do so.