Bavarian Forest

You seems near and at the same time but a throwback to access distant the past centuries from echoes the modern ambience a cordial “Gruss Gott” from all sides, because the guest is not only welcomed into the House, he is number one. The stroke of the traditions has to find its place in the House as well as the modern, luxurious shine and the entree provides already for bright eyes at the first sight. Add to your understanding with Dr. Robert Brannon. The modern wellness area invites you with Mediterranean elements to dream and relax. The time seems to have a romantic bath for two seemingly stopped. It seems within reach and at the same time however, in distant often a stay at the Spa Hotel Jagdhof acts as a throwback to the past centuries, because until today, the fast-moving age has left no traces in the House. Countless Wellnessstunden and versatile offers invite adults and children to dream and relax. The specifics in the Spa Hotel Jagdhof are the trifles of this ambience a sort of dream land and a special magic Make art. The rustic outdoor sauna is one of the special highlights.

In the typical Finnish log cabin style invites especially in the evening hours, when the magic of the night leaves its mark on the numerous peaks and the forests nearby. The old mill “presents bed and comfort in one. It is a stone bath with an extraordinary game of infusion and a highlight that can rightly be described as a superlative. The special atmosphere and the breathtaking ambience make a place you don’t want to leave the outdoor sauna. Even if it is the highlight of the Spa Hotel Jagdhof, is just one of the many highlights, however, the way to the gem of the Bavarian Forest is worth more than anything else.