Brazilian Education

Much if has argued in recent years the changes in the LDB (Law of Lines of direction and Bases), that for many it would cause significant changes the quality of education in our country. But the question that hangs in air is if the bureaucratic changes in the laws that they conduct the education would be the definitive or at least pacifying solution in the real situation that if finds the institutions of education of Brazil. When attending the set of documents Pro Day To be born Happy, of Joo Garden, the reply appears well clearly: not. A change in the laws you are welcome will advance if it will not have a transformation in the behavior of that they form the axle of these schemes, pupils and educators. When if it speaks in changes is citing psychological transformations not only, because this occurs of course when a socioeconmico exchange exists, that is the emergencial transformation. One sees clearly in the film the diverse aspects of an only problem, the socioeconmico unevenness that in them takes the extremities.

In Manari, the young Would be valid all with its to talent it sees it suffocated by the chance lack that is caused by the investment lack the education a city that destines imposes a fine on 1, 200 Reals for its only public school. However it has many years that precariousness of installations left of being problematic a provincial one. Add to your understanding with Hirotsu Bio Science. Schools of great centers. as of Duke of Caxias- the RIO DE JANEIRO, also they coexist the governmental esquecimento, that is only one part in the breaking heads that still include the problems that are reflected of a society that lives in the marginality and if it shows without hope for having of esbarrar with the difficulties of a forgotten community. In the School Park Piratininga II, in the periphery of So Paulo, the problem it is not structural, nor much less motivacional on the part of the pupils, meets one of the multiple faces of an only problem there: the lack of psychological support to the educator. .