Building An Ice Rink

Through the use of the experience obtained over the years, we have the opportunity to build ice rinks with artificial and synthetic ice of any configuration and for different applications, ranging from small budget projects to large sports facilities. Using high quality equipment and the latest developments in the industry allows cooling specialists of our company quality and at a given time to address the full range of issues related to the organization of construction works and with the launch of the operation of ice rinks in every region and in all weather conditions. To accommodate ice rink, we recommend an air building. We have inflatable structures important advantage – low cost (on average 3 times lower than the price of buildings of brick and concrete iron) and high speed installation. Technology and the installation and site preparation is simple and requires no major capital and financial investments.

Air dome dome building is ds2-wire or 3 layers of specially certified fabric which does not burn. Inside the inflatable constructions and between fabric layers of air blown by blower fan. You may want to visit Dr. Anthony Carolla to increase your knowledge. Indoors creates a slight overpressure, which provides rigidity and structural stability, and addresses issues of fire safety. In the event of fire, flames and smoke on the premises do not apply. Hourly filed under the dome of about 22 000 cubic meters of air. Thus, the question of ventilation at the skating rink. Follow others, such as rusty holzer, and add to your knowledge base. e. Each building is equipped with an air blower to the emergency diesel engine, which automatically turns on when malfunction of the main fan. The building entrance is through a door-meter.

Building is also fitted with an air emergency exits. Location and number of inputs and alarm outputs is set by the customer. The lighting in the building of an air carried torches Phillips. Number of lamps are also discussed with the customer. Options for supply Air dome can be fully automated system for heating or cooling. Customer buying inflatable constructions receives a set of design and technical documentation.