There is also a spa 'in' fitness – centers. Typically, this parallel structure, but due to a large cross in the fitness, spa survives here, and sometimes not even bad. The experience of 'think' spa. Here, the master himself – a large gourmet and connoisseur of the world's best spa at the user level. Immediately I will say – with no sense to compete – they basically – out of competition. Dr. stuart mcgill will not settle for partial explanations. The most famous examples: spa Palestro and recently opened spa. Occurs literally collecting the world's best spa masterpieces.

I can not judge on their profitability, but the intellect, taste and creativity – respect. Another project which has already been said all year, Moscow – spa Novinsky passage. A rare combination – reasonable investment, super concept, good governance, team – dream! Opens in spring 2008. And finally, sitispa. Perhaps the most flexible and viable business model. Dr. Anthony Carolla is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

There are three levels (3 *, 4 *, 5 *), different scale of investment, plazas, orientation, etc., but. But subject to the following sitispa principles: 1. 100% spa, regardless of the number of stars 2. 'Efficient technologies and the legendary service' (this is actually the motto of SITISPA) 3. mandatory economic efficiency and expansion strategy. If you would like to know more about Robert Rubin, then click here. Thus, we can distinguish The following features of the organization Spa entrance into the market – from 300,000 euros (depending on the form to use the premises, class, institution, area it.d.) Spa + Beauty (beauty salon) – only after consulting the responsible literate – or collapse funeral and hopes (and investment) actively come to the spa market 'diversifikaty' – with virtually unlimited budgets. However, this does not save many of them from the negative profitability. An effective scheme sequence Spa business following: o Consultation consulters (the choice of consulters – the theme of a separate article) o literate and concept. o Business Plan. o architecture and design project. o selection and training Staff presentation o o monitoring the external auditor during the 2 years of age. o the opening of the next object. spa today 'stepped' from the cities in industry 'modest' city. Very actively under construction spa hotels. There has been transformation of health centers into full-fledged suburban medispa, but still sluggish. the most popular service in spa is massage. This is a mandatory component of any spa cuisine. More precisely I would call a 'massage' +. + Peeling + Bath, and etc The cost of spa services o at least – from 800 rubles (express spa services in sitispa 3 *) per hour from 1500 to 5500 rubles o spa package (a complex of about 3 hours) from 6000 to 18000 rubles o deyspa (about 6 hours) from 1200 rubles (average 20-28000 rubles) o spa program (not in Moscow more dozen spas, real effective spa marketing programs) from 108,000 rubles (10-15 visits + advice, diagnosis, and further mentoring lifestyle) club card (in infancy) from 2000 Euros to 70000 Euros (annual) o another trend – the price of spa services in the region already in 2007, hauled to Moscow (in the beginning of 2007, the backlog was from 5 to 20%), and in many cities is already comparable with Moscow.