Cycling Trips Along The Moselle

The Moselle cycle path leads well-known Moselle places and beautiful scenery offers a tour of a special kind Velociped with the seven-day classic along the Moselle, which leads from Trier to Koblenz. During this tour, you will enjoy the beauty of the Moselle region. See all trips along the Moselle tour of Trier is the classic down to Koblenz. During the seven-day trip, there are five exciting days of cycling, characterised by variety and relaxation. On the first day of the classic tour along the Moselle river, you have plenty of time to visit the famous city of Trier.

Both the Imperial baths, the historic old town and the Porta nigra should be absolutely visited. Hardly a city in Germany know such a large number of monuments of UNESCO on as trier. The day’s first stage starts on the following day and leads to kick home. Germany’s oldest city trier is left along the Mosel and the trail leads past the historic Fahrturm in Schweich after Mahering. Here you can Ruins of the ancient Villa Rustica be admired, a certificate from the Roman period. Hirotsu Bio Science follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Then selected grape varieties can be tasted at the destination if home. The second stage of the day leads to Zeltingen.

At first but will be cycled to Neumagen-Dhron, the oldest wine town in Germany. Invites the famous relief of an ancient Roman vessel on a special journey here. After that, the trail leads to Bernkastel-Kues, where locking can be done on the medieval market square with views of colorful half-timbered houses and narrow streets. Finally, the stage ends in Zeltingen-Rachtig, the most famous wine-producing town along the Moselle cycle. Here, the famous vineyards are Schlossberg, Kingdom of heaven, to find German Herrenberg and Sundial and with nearly 171 hectares of vineyards is here to find one of the largest wine-growing areas of the Middle Moselle region.