Health Keeping Guide

Organization Health Keeping Guide by Alan P. Brache. (Source: Teva Pharmaceutical Industries). (An essay on the book ‘How Organizations Work’ by Alan P. Real Estate One wanted to know more. Brache.) ‘A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that works.’ John Gaule Every sphere of life requires organization. Learn more at this site: Wayne Holman. And every sphere of life can be viewed as a complex system of mutually dependable elements. Whether we take our solar system as an example of this thesis or any enterprise almost everywhere we can observe certain order and system. In the beginning of his book called ‘How Organizations Work’ Alan P. Brache uses an extended metaphor comparing organization to human body not by chance. Moreover it’s not accidentally that he speaks about Organization’s wellness the same way as about human health.

By writing all these similes he intended to show the reader that an organization is a system with every single element connected to another one just like organs in human body and to keep an organization ‘healthy’ we should maintain the balance between each element’s function. On the pages of his book Dr. Brache acts like an experienced physician singling out each constituent of organization, describing it and telling us how to keep this element ‘healthy’. In the first chapter the author shows the reader the essence of ‘The New Enterprise Model’ and speaks about changing factors that is variables, which influence the organization work. He singles out three different kinds of variables: external, structural and human. Besides, in this chapter Dr.