Holistic Education

Live the masters in holistic education with Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava was a radical change in my life, a new way of seeing, reflect, discern and very substantive changes in myself, my family and my work. I respect and want more, as a result my children and wife. Also, where before there was discussions, lack of respect, lack of motivation and was losing the peace, brotherhood, tolerance, the dialogue, negotiation, the love and the happiness of a family nowadays these changes I’ve had propiciados for the mastery retake course again, living the experience of the perennial philosophy through education holistic and the sangha which forms the educators holistas. About all see those changes in my children and wife that I have served so that the home is a sacred place where you can rest, take refuge and is a relief share experiences with my family, have a home more balanced for fraternal coexistence of love, dialogue, love and happiness, I build again rectify and start all over every day.

I can say with satisfaction that Daniel my son now plays on the computer of the TEC where I am the coach, share workouts, games, this Conmigo closer. Luis my other son in the same way is someone more secure and motivated to study with the I need to be close, pending, help him to fly and my wife ever more compromised with the family as well as herself begins to respect and wanting to be concerned about his health.