THE hospitals were born sick in as an Ember of the wind shakes the lit silence. Emilio Prados. THE disease of the insecurity great construction boom came in the 1970s. At this time arose as a large white moles that could cater to thousands of patients at the same time. In every great city is iban lifting, little by little, as huge monsters. And it couldn’t be otherwise they were well received, they came to cure people.

But there was a problem, they were those who were born sick. And his illness has developed with them, and she has grown. Our medical centers were born without security, due to the lack of legislation and appropriate legislation to them. Today, older, have not yet been healed, only have been applied him small remedies, putting patches to adapt old buildings to modern obligations. At the moment, still patching is them to cure them of a great disease, the disease of insecurity. Fire is the greatest danger of course not the only-, the largest threat that it can weigh on a hospital. And it is also the risk that most concerns. It should not be forgotten that in its interior are thousands of persons who, being mostly helpless, can become caught on the inside of the large moles white if a fire should occur.

And despite being the most worrying, more dangerous, fires continue to occur in large hospitals. Studies and reports that have been made about the large hospitals give results, not too flattering: an average of 30 or 40 deficiencies by Centre. Most of these shortcomings relate to the field of fire protection: fire-resistant metal structures; lack of partitioning of plants, stairs, lifting equipment and transformer substations; fault detection and alarm; scarcity and lack of adaptation of the automatic extinction, equipped fire hydrants and portable extinguishers; excessive evacuation distances; obstacles to emergency exits; lack of signage and emergency lighting; lack of natural ventilation in car parks, stores and bathrooms facilities, etc., etc. Because of many bad, consolation, it must be said that our country is not the only one to go wrong on these issues. But, unfortunately, in a hospital not us we can limit to a single risk. Accompanying the risk of fire, not excluding you, appear many potential risks. There are falls of voltage, electrical and maintenance, malfunctions in equipment, hazardous waste problems (the Spanish hospitals produce daily more than 500 tons) that are piled up without control, lack of health all these risks, made and for having, enclosed between the four immense walls that inform these large white moles. Meanwhile the security when speaking of economic priorities – continues in the background. Lack of budget, lack of awareness, lack of compliance, missing too many failures for many vital needs. And as said poet: what thou knowest full well / is that a life that is lost / never again already recovers. Francisco Arias Solis Si quieres peace, get ready to live in peace with all men. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal.