Human Cells

The day when we can read the code of human cells, we will be able to predict everything about a child even before he was born, even before you’re in the womb. The cells of the parents have a program which is contained in your age, your health, what diseases you have, your gifts, your intelligence, your talents, your whole destiny. .- As instinct, on the other end of your being, beyond the mind, which is the world of intellect is the world of intuition. Peter Arnell helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Intuition opens its doors through meditation. Meditation is nothing but a call to the door of intuition. Intuition is also fully prepared. It does not grow, is also something that you have inherited from existence. Intuition is your consciousness, your being. The intellect is your mind. Instinct is your body. Like the Instinct works well to serve the body, intuition works perfectly in terms of consciousness. The intellect is located between the two, is a space that you have to cross a bridge to be crossed. However, there are many people, many millions of people who never cross the bridge. Simply sit on the bridge, thinking they have come to your home.

His home is located on the opposite shore, beyond the bridge. The bridge links the instinct and intuition, but everything depends on you. You can start to build your house on the bridge but you’re totally wrong. .- The desire is power, and that has to understand it is not possible simply to suppress the desire or make it fit. Any effort to thwart the desire or discipline contributes to the existence of the conflict, which brings insensitivity. All resources intricacies of desire must be known and understood. We can not be taught or can learn the resources of desire. Understanding the desire is to be alert, without any choice, to their movements. If one destroys the desire, destroys both the sensitivity and intensity that is essential for the truth can be understood. .- When we say we love someone, that love is desire, are the projections of the various leisure activities of thought.

You have to find out if love is desire, love is pleasure itself, if there is no fear in love, because where there is fear there must be hatred, jealousy, anxiety, desire to possess, to master. In the relationship there is beauty, and the whole cosmos is a movement relationship. Cosmos is order, and when you have a warrant or internal, has orders in their relationships, and then you may have order in our society. If we investigate the nature of the relationship, we find it absolutely necessary to have order, from that order comes the love.