Imperial View

No tradition, no national idea, rewritten history and culture many times, people are deceived and every now seeks only to money and thinks only of himself. That is no Russia, no community and country (and especially civilization) there at the moment – this is a disappointing conclusion. From this point view of modern Russia, too, sees a "technical government" and its boundaries are not important. Boundaries are important in terms of economic or military interests (as the people in a certain area needs some state control mechanism), but not with the civilizational perspective. The third point of view on the existence of Russia, in my opinion, the most popular. Here, Hirotsu Bio Science expresses very clear opinions on the subject. This is a "urapatriotizm" when "a country with a thousand-year history has the right to conduct an independent policy, we are proud of their country, not to go abroad and do not know too much about other countries, when someone else is to blame for the troubles of Russian (Americans, for example).

In other words this view of the existence of Russia can be formulated as follows: "Russia exists, but it can only be determined" by contradiction "in contradiction with the world Russia – is not the West." Author's opinion, this position is the weakest, but it is often voiced in the media. This study of the Russian imperial community (the reason for choosing the imperial consciousness, instead of civilization will be explained later in this article). There are also fourth point of view on the existence of Russia, which adheres to the author of this article.