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Inventive German hosts offer bargains, trial vacations and travel packages on Kostenbewusst must be not monotonous. For a holiday in Germany provides lots of highlights. The trend towards experience as are the subjects ‘Festivals and events’, ‘Culture’ and ‘Holidays’ at the German National Tourist Board this year top the list. More and more Germans find via the Internet to the appropriate holiday experience. Over 7% of all mobile phone owners use their mobile phone to learn. Innovative tourism experts from Germany to respond and present your offer on to leave Germany. The website presents attractive holiday offers for mobile Internet and in the PC-browser format.

Mobihexer is a website builder allows you to create easy mobile Internet pages. Because mobile users will appreciate it if information on the point are brought and are easy-to-navigate sites. So far, over 150 German tourism companies Mobihexer use to make their offer also mobile accessible. Holiday topics range from ‘ all Inclusive’ about dog-friendly up to wellness. German holiday regions introduce themselves and present insider tips and trivia. On the Mobihexer Web site is also the Germany weblog with current news in the fields of ‘Events, attractions’, ‘ regions, tourist info and ‘Geschichte(n) and legends’. Thus, the site helps all recreational water users in planning the best time in the year.

Contact: internet partnership Dr. Eckard Ritter Allersberger str. 185/O 90461 Nuremberg Tel 0911 373 37 53 fax 0911 373 37 52 Web vacation-Germany / mail Mobihexer: the probably the most versatile homepage editor in the world for the mobile Internet. Internet phones are getting better and better! However, image playback, load times and navigation obstruct mobile access to Web content. Mobihexer solves the problem and build mobile-friendly Web pages quickly and easily: no HTML, no knowledge, no software to install. Page editing purely online from any Internet PC.