Lose Weight

To part with overweight, you must first understand what they are and where are. After all, if you understand what is and what doing, then the result of your effort will come much faster – the conscious actions are always effective. All the products we eat are made up of nutrients to a greater or lesser degree of energy-rich, as well as vitamins, salts, minerals, and water. The energy contained in food products in the form of nutrients – proteins, fats and carbohydrates. With their splitting the compounds are less energy-rich. During this reaction the free energy required for life organism.

Therefore, everything is simple – if you do not get the right amount of energy from food, it will be generated from the stock – especially of fat, so you'll lose weight. If you overeat, then the entire excess energy will be prozapas delayed, and you'll get fat. Therefore, to keep weight stable incoming energy must be equal expended. Fat cells called adipocytes. Adipocyte consists of large droplets of fat, which pushes other elements of the cell, including the core to the periphery. Deposition of fat – this is a normal physiological process, it is simply necessary for survival. The main task of fat cells is to create reserves of energy in the form fat. At the expense of body fat a person can starve for up to two months.

Also, the fatty weave keeps the water in the body. We need fat for insulation, worked out with his female sex hormones. Fat, even just mechanically protects the internal organs. And that's not all the functions of adipose tissue. So be grease! What is the adipose tissue? Adipose tissue – this cluster of fat cells. Fat deposits in humans are subcutaneously and around the internal organs and connective tissue under the skin covering the muscles. All adipose tissue is divided into separate segments of different shapes and sizes of layers of loose fibrous tissue. Blood and lymph vessels are held in these strata and include loops of fat cells. Each fat cell is contacted with at least one capillary, making the cell receive different material and removed from her breakdown products. Read more from Teva Pharmaceuticals to gain a more clear picture of the situation. In obese adipose cell increases in size, access to broken capillaries, so there is no metabolism in these cells. Slagging cells are not cleared, adipose tissue becomes a place of "dumping". There are three layers of adipose tissue. Subcutaneous layer forms the proportions and shape of the figure, it covers the entire surface of the body, and everywhere he is of different thickness and density. As you may have probably realized in this layer is formed by cellulite. The thickness of the subcutaneous fat layer is determined by the thickness of the fat folds. Determine the thickness of the folds is very simple – in a standing position with two fingers grasp the layer of fat – the distance between the fingers will be equal to the thickness of the surface fat in this location. It is easiest just to get rid of this type of fat. The second layer is located deeper – a muscle tissue, this "strategic" stocks organizma.Trety layer is located inside the abdomen (visceral fat). Outwardly, he noticed a large elastic belly (like a beer belly for men). Sometimes in this situation, the thickness of the surface layer of fat may be only 2-3 cm, and waist circumference very large – this means that the body is dominated by visceral fat. It is known that a large waist circumference is dangerous for life (women from 80cm to 90cm for men).