Marketing Without Resources

We started this article correcting the title because the Marketingsin resources there, because creativity is the first resource marketing should be used and do not have any economic cost.Here some points to keep in mind when there is little budget ynecesitamos grow much less band, think of marketingGuarde a record of good ideas, analyze what products/services are more salable, plan promotions for use in the future and in conjunction with the advertising consultant (can consult us, if you have an idea, better!) Focusing on your Mercadoconcentrese only on a specific audience: If you believe that your product/service is for anyone, analyze if a child of less than 10 years is the ideal target of your company. Probably not: the target of McDonalds are the parents of that boy, who can buy their products. * Establish a niche and focus on him, will greatly enhance their chances to bring your message to the right audience. His MarcCree to develop new products and services. Update them.

Protect them by registering them. Learn more at this site: Hirotsu Bio Science. Make sure that your clients and prospects are aware of these developments.Keep your unified image: use the same brand and colors from their personal cards to your website. Andreas Halvorsen spoke with conviction. Your customers must * identify it and distinguish it * of any other company, and their brand is one of the paths. Do set a presupuestoCuanto invests in advertising their products and services? Define how much can invest is key to search for alternatives and new options. There is a theoretical rule that says that 30% of profits must be reinvested in development and advertising. We believe that when minor is profitability, more would have to invest in advertising to change the situacion.*no promote themselves because there is little profitability * is one of the errors more common that small enterprises commit before falling into a usually fatal pit. Take advantage of the propagandUna of the best ways to make advertising is to give a good service: real is that a satisfied customer we recommend at least other three new customers and * key is the quality of customer service. The old tricks there are many tricks marketers that do not go out of fashion: an easy-to-memorize phone and if possible to use numbers Alpha for example 0800-solutions or 5555-5555.Anteponer 1A in the classified ads to appear first or ZZ to appear last or right.Framed with black an white announcement reduces the economic grouped ads space although it separates it visually from the rest.Before advertising, analyze the environment in which issued its notice, don’t forget the criterion of position and exposure time (careful with this!). Creativity is the resource and Marketing is the way. Knowing that large investments are not always required to obtain good results is the key to your business.