Massage Benefits

Massage should be carried out: – Only if the child is in a good mood (if he cries, he has something hurts do not worth it) – after 40 minutes after feeding, but do not directly before it is needed – the massage depends on the individual reaction of the child. Best time is morning (massage invigorates and enhances the activity), the least successful time – just before the night's sleep (for the same reason). Educate yourself with thoughts from dr. stuart mcgill. The duration of treatment also depends on the reaction of the child and age. Length can be from 5 to 20 minutes. Preventive health techniques of massage: Stroking produced a palm, a delicate touch. In the first 3 months of life are only stroking.

Stroking massage relaxes, because the touch should be very tender. Exposure occurs at most superficial layers of the skin Rubbing It most intense stroking. It also promotes muscle relaxation. Holds his hand or several fingers (1,2, 3). Motion more energetic than stroking. In during grinding is an influence on receptors located in the deeper layers of skin. Kneading action similar to rubbing, but even more intense and energetic.

Forefinger, thumb and middle finger performed circular movements, affecting even the deeper layers of the body. Warm up the skin and muscles. Pat is mainly produced in the back massage, back of the bent fingers. Recommended begin no earlier than the fourth month of life. Should avoid areas not protected by muscle tissue of bones, the kidneys. The same should closely monitor the reaction of the child. If he is uncomfortable, discontinue exercise, and subsequently to avoid "slap" on the part of the body vibration in the process of this exercise is rapid and rhythmic shaking of the skin and subcutaneous tissue. This causes a reflex effect on intercostal nerves and causes a deep breath (which contributes to better ventilation of the lungs). Holds his hand and fingers. Massage promotes good physical development of the baby at all, and in conjunction with "how to make the child is physically perfect. " It fits perfectly into the concept of techniques of early development (early childhood development). But like all useful things, massage well only in a moderate "doses." Therefore, follow all precautions, watch the reaction of the child, gave him the conditions for training and the result does not take long.