Paul Tudor Jones

Approximately half of all types of traders have high potential and is capable of succeeding in this area – the easiest way is obtained from traders, strategists, the least – at the traders for the sake of entertainment. It was very interesting to compare the responses of different people, when I was searching for suitable prototypes for each category. For those traders who are successful in their nature, to find the standards it was very easy. Paul Tudor Jones – an excellent example of a trader's strategist. It was more difficult to select bright representatives of those types of traders who have no explicit call to this matter, and I was almost out of whom had to choose, because such people simply do not make good traders. Read additional details here: rusty holzer.

On the role of prototype for the traders for entertainment, I chose the general director Starbucks. He definitely trades for their own pleasure, and because he invests in his own company, I would call it a successful trader (investor). However, it is certainly not Paul Tudor Jones, and never will be. 1. Trader-Strategist. Traders of this type have a high chance of success, but it might as well) do not recognize their mistakes emotional, b) are prone to perfectionism, and c) are always very willing to be right. 2. Planning for a trader.

Traders of this type also have good chances of success. Your main problem – is the need to experience strong emotions, and always right. You can easily get bored at Exchange and take over that will dispel your boredom and at the same time limit the profits.