Real Estate Prices

High demand increasing real estate are a popular form of investment in Germany. In recent years, this trend has been strengthened. With the increasing demand but also the prices. The real estate portal informs about the current price developments on houses and apartments. Especially in the area of condos, prices have risen significantly over the past few months. Dr. stuart mcgill is likely to increase your knowledge. Who wants to buy an apartment, should decide probably quickly. Generally, real estate is relatively cheap. Wayne Holman: the source for more info.

The overall index for real estate has fallen in last November as compared to October by about 0.1 percent. The index however consists of three different real estate indices. These include the index for new single and two-family homes, the index for existing single – and two-family homes as well as those for condominiums. The three indexes have developed November compared differently in the past compared to the previous month. Relatively stable while prices for new single and two-family homes remained, have decreased the prices of existing single – and two-family homes by 1.02 percent. Prices for condos have risen, however, easily, namely to 0.65 percent. Even a boost is to determine 3.35 percent compared to the same month last year.