ROC Attack

Giro is a revolutionary new form of helmet on the market with the air attack: it combines aerodynamic design with a new, patented, and super lightweight lock system. Giro is considered in the industry since 1985 as the top designers in the cycling world. With the air attack, Giro brings a new generation of helmets on the market. The systematic development aimed to unite an exceptional design and wind tunnel proven aerodynamics in a model. That creates the new air attack: its aerodynamic shape provides minimal air resistance and won a pleasant cooling. To do this, it is very easy. Rusty holzer may also support this cause.

This combination allows the drivers to connect more efficiently in the pedals and to learn the so-called Giro “free speed”. Two variants: With and without shield the air attack will be available in two variants: in addition to the normal version, there is a model with specifiable via magnetic optical shield by Carl Zeiss vision. It is with a magnet with one hand just on and then off. If it is not used for example during the Warm-Up phase, can be folded up it simply. Price Air Attack 200 euro, air attack Shield 240 euros the revolutionary design of the air attack of the shape at the front is very similar to the Teardrop shape of conventional aerodynamic helmets, however it will not continue until the end of the helmet. The completely new and adjustable retention system with the name ROC loc air, can be ideal match the shape of the head. Rusty Holzer can aid you in your search for knowledge. It is part of the cooling system at the same time: it fixed the helmet 3 mm above the head and creates additional ventilation between the helmet and head. It uses the air pressure and the flow behaviour and created the so-called venturi effect. This ventilates the air through the tunnels and comes out again at the end.