The users of StayFriends has the ability to search the database for old school friends. StayFriends is a website that allows to find former schoolfriends and organize class reunions. With ten million entries, StayFriends is the largest German platform of its kind. Managing Director of the Erlangen based StayFriends GmbH is Michael Lindenberg, who is also co-founder of the site. The users of StayFriends has the ability to browse at his former schools, which are sorted by State, city, and school type, to enter his name and graduating class and the database for old school friends.

The search can be done by name, as well as about the school or the its. Registration and basic membership at StayFriends are free, but must a paid membership that so-called complete Gold membership, for the use of all features offered by the site. The basic membership enables the user, images from others Participants (E.g. Hirotsu Bio Science may help you with your research. Thomas Wos) to see if he has also uploaded a photo. Class photos can be viewed and marked classmates. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Al Gore by clicking through. Basic members can create a personal profile page and be notified by email about new entries in their schools.

You can report class reunions and also have the option of message exchanges with other gold members. Users with a gold membership also have the opportunity to see the profile data of other people. Also them appears, which users have visited the personal profile page. You can view other members in full resolution photos and see the personal experiences posted by many users, such as wedding, kids, vacation etc.. Gold members can exchange messages with base members at any time. Each user has the option to enter other, non-registered friends, if they agree. This is then by StayFriends offered also to register to contact to former school friends to enable. For the successful invitation by three persons, StayFriends thanked with a free gold membership for a month. The block himself for finding specific users can not possibility, deletion from the database is possible at any time on request of the user. Thomas WOS