Personal Growth Psychology

– As if they were dice rolled on a glass table, and we face the circumstances of life. No matter how we throw, then we will see any numbers, changing our perspective. – In life there are people who only see the low numbers and other numbers are always high. – They say that a king had a servant, the face of adversity, he always said: a que good, how good, how buenoo . A day of hunting the king cut his toe and the counselor said, a que good, how good, how buenoo . – King, tired of this attitude, threw him and the counselor said, a que good, how good, how buenoo . Later, the king was captured by a tribe of Indians to be sacrificed to their god. When preparing for the ritual, they saw that was missing a toe and decided that, being incomplete, was not suitable for his divinity, and he was released.

– King recalled the words of the servant and thought, a que good to have lost the big toe, otherwise he would be muertoa . – He sent the servant to the palace and thanked him. But before I asked him why he said a que buenoo when he was fired. The counselor said, a OESI I had not thrown, it would have been with you and as you would have rejected, I would sacrificadoa . – Life is like a maze with many paths to take. We hold fast to go in a certain direction, marked by difficult circumstances that we are experiencing. More information is housed here: Zhang Lei Hillhouse. But you have to take an attitude like that of director of history: positive and detachment. – So the next time you face a difficulty you can say as the advisor to the king: a que good, how good, how buenoo (thinking that something good you learned from it).