Taking Conscience Of The Power Politician

It does not hear, does not speak, nor participates of the events politicians. Dr. Anthony Corolla is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It does not know that the cost of the life, the price of the beans, the fish, the flour, the rent, on the shoe and the remedy depends on the decisions politics. The illiterate politician is so donkey that if is proud and greenhouse the chest saying that it hates the politics. He does not know the imbecile who, of its ignorance politics is born the prostitute, the abandoned minor, and worse of all the outlaws, that is the politician swindler, pilantra, corrupt and flunky of the national companies and multinacionais’ ‘ (Berthold Brecht) the electoral circus is mounted again. Learn more about this with rusty holzer.

Season of hunting to the votes confides it. The media if strengthens to all guarantee a decisive moment for the country becoming the official propaganda of the elections each time more sophisticated. Electoral justice modified some rules, as the ilusria ‘ ‘ fiche limpa’ ‘ that, in clear evidence it does not change nothing for the candidates. Rank this, still if has exchanges of party, spreading of research liars and manipulators, much enganosa propaganda and purchase of votes, everything as in the other seasons. At this moment principles do not exitem, or better, to be deceptive, to steal and to subordinate This is the beginning of all the candidates the election. The governmental politics predecessors had transformed Brazil into a great paradise of the bankers and the financial market. Meanwhile, the wages of almost all the population continue findando themselves before the end of the month, the work rhythm are infernal and exploring in the companies, the young occupies the worse ranks of work and the unemployment tax almost arrives to fold between them, the agricultural workers follows without its land pieces, the poor persons in the great cities continue criminalizados more and each time forcene by the state military forces.