League Children

So based on the above one might say the following: 1 – a college football is not a series of teams that simply participate in a competition within different categories existing in function of age of children competing. 2. In a true College football is no children training aiming to put only in the weekly competition, i.e. working only in function of playing the corresponding League match without paying attention to the actual individual needs of teaching, especially at the technical level. 3. A football school is not formed by a group people who leads different teams of the entity, adjudging the role of coaches, when they don’t have the required for this degree and much less adequate preparation for work with children. 4. Nor is a football school, the place where few technicians with the corresponding qualifications are limited to exercise of staff performing routine workouts based solely on theoretical approaches that limit its creative capacity and in the end makes they become coaches muzzled, they only exercise of transmitter belt of the interventionist and intellectual dictatorship of the individual or individuals who exercise the direction/coordination of the presumable school.

5. A football school is not a place where work carried out in the different training sessions takes place without that is follow prior and coherent planning established in advance that allows schedule the activity to be performed with due seriousness and effectiveness, addressing mainly the different ages of children and differentiated and specific work to be carried out on this basis. 6. A football school is not a place without order or concert where the improvisation takes over day after day to perform in each training activity. 7. A place where really not of educated in values, nor is it a true College football that is thought that education permissive left to do (will not be that children are too stressed) is always better than the requirement brought to the level required based on the age of the players and the real needs that arise when participating in sports competition activities.