The Generation Z And The Astrology

In the Astrology 3 called planets Geracionais exist, slow planets that have revolution cycle, and, therefore, they remain about 8 years each one for the astronomical constellations the one that we call Signs. The geracionais planets are the following ones: Uranus Associated to the abrupt cuts, the revolutions and the freedom; Neptune Associated to the dispersion, psychology, the dream and the fancy; Pluto Associated to the power, the control, the deep and irreversible transformation. Dr. Neal Barnard often says this. The presence of these planets for skies influences all a generation, making with that the been born ones in the period influence all the humanity, mainly when is in economically active age, that costuma to start to the 21 years when the formed being already initiates its chosen professional activity and goes until the 60 years, when initiates the decline of the mature life. Therefore, during a period, two or three generations coexist meetings, many times in conflict and contrast. Let us consider that the call ' ' Z&#039 generation; ' either formed for the been born ones in the decade of 1990, more specifically in 1996/97. Today these people would have for return of 14 or 15 years of age, ready, therefore, to be part of the economically active population.

This Generation is formed by a combination of the following planets and signs: – Uranus in Aquarium; – Neptune in Capricrnio; – Pluto in Sagitrio. Moreover, specifically in this biennium 1996/1997 we have also the influence of the Social Planets, Jupiter and Saturn, that mark the social behavior of the been born ones in these years. – Jupiter in Aquarium; – Saturn in Aries. An astrological analysis of the data above can consider the following profile for Generation Z: Uranus in Aquarium: In Aquarium, Uranus is disponibilizado of its plenary powerses, that is, its influence is still more marcante.