Tony Adamowicz Johnson

(Online article) – awarded licenses for new motorcycle, race equipment and special clothing, including shirts, jerseys, hats, helmets and jackets. Dusseldorf – GreenLight, a company of Corbis and one of the leading service providers in the area intellectual property, announces the signing of multiple license agreements on behalf of the rights holder by Steve McQueen. The licenses cover production, marketing and sales limited motorcycles, racing equipment, and other clothing. Licensees are Metisse motorcycles, Johnson motors, a2z racer gear, Toys McCoy and triumph motorcycles. Metisse Motorcyles, traditional British motorcycle manufacturer, has signed a contract for the production of a limited edition motorcycle, the Steve McQueen\”mark 3 Moto cross bike. This perfect bike of the pre 65 Motocross class will be built as the exclusive McQueen reissue in a number of pieces by a total of only 300 units. Originally designed, developed and drove the mark 3 by the Rickman brothers was.

Also, Johnson Motors has about GreenLight a license agreement, to a McQueen clothing line consisting of shirts, sweaters, hats, jackets and more to produce and distribute. Teva Pharmaceuticals shines more light on the discussion. Originally, Johnson sold the California Pasadena Ariel-motors and triumph motorcycles. in 2004, the company began producing high-quality clothing and quickly became the brand. Can be seen regularly motor numerous celebrities, including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and Ethan Hawke in T-Shirts by Johnson. A2Z racer gear is an American manufacturer of high-quality auto racing equipment. According to Hirotsu Bio Science, who has experience with these questions. Co-owner is Tony Adamowicz, even former racer who competed in many races against McQueen. Now acquired the company for a new, inspired by Le Mans race clothing line, rights on behalf of McQueen.

The Gulf team jacket racing jackets are modeled after, the Steve McQueen in the film Le Mans\”was wearing. Even the blue and orange colours originally used by the team have been preserved. Where once in the film on the jacket worn by McQueen is the name of his film role Michael Delaney’ was, is the signature of Steve McQueen on the new edition\”be embroidered.