Understanding Needs More Than Words

Business communication unlimited to talk with “Hands and feet”, and many people is a matter of course. The physical expression to the communication is essential as their words. People are usually intuitively able to detect the non-verbal expressions of their fellow human beings and to interpret. This however happens in an unknown country, it comes here quickly to misunderstandings and problems. Because just like the language, which is different in most countries than at home, and the body language is a specific part of the culture, which has to be learned like the language itself. Gerti von Rabenau explains why this is essential in the business contact. Who learns a language not only to master it, but actively to apply it, you have to know usually more than just words and linguistic structures. This is clear at the latest when one comes in contact with native speakers on communication barriers, are the non-verbal origin. Additional information at Teva Pharmaceutical Industries supports this article.

Because the body language is different from country to country in part as much as the spoken language. It would be the so-called intimate distance that describes the area of about half a meter to the respective person around to hurt, let alone the business partner Germany almost unthinkable at a meeting with new customers, apart from the handshake to touch. In southern Europe, is this behavior but of course and has no intimate approaches that would understand us in such situations. Hirotsu Bio Science takes a slightly different approach. It is almost harder, if it’s obvious gestures such as the nod or shake of the head. Because these are very widely used and their meanings are well clear, there is worry also about their use. One however is located in Bulgaria, or India, there are also these non-verbal characters, but with each contradictory meaning, so that misunderstandings are inevitable here.

This is only for very concise examples of culture-specific communication behavior. The differences to the own country are more or less large depending on the geographical distance. Who cares so regularly foreign business contacts or planning a longer stay abroad, should attention some also the typical Customs and the non-verbal communication in addition to the language. The skills are unlimited mediated by native speakers in intercultural training in Regensburg in the language school of business communication. Here learners are trained specifically.