Honey To Sweeten Aloe Vera And Sweet Almond Oil To The Wax…

Honey to sweeten Aloe Vera and sweet almond oil to the wax… You have to admit it. A wax is not just the beauty treatment that you forward the most. Of course, the result is optimal: long time no hair growth, skin is smooth and feels no stubble after two days. Some one has with security often wondered it’s not painless? “.” Unfortunately, the answer is no. Who wants to be beautiful must suffer.” But the thing is not completely hopeless, because the nature gives us a little help. Aloe Vera, honey and almond oil are called the Savior, who pamper our skin by removing some pain and provide protection against irritation, redness and inflammation. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is often quoted as being for or against this.

LEOCREMA has put together these three factors, and it manufactured cold wax strips for the body and for the face. How operate these three saviors in detail? Honey hydrates and nourishes the skin with vitamins and mineral salts. Has a pain-relieving and softening effect. ALOE VERA contains anti-inflammatory and bacteriostatic substances. Protects the skin from irritation. Almond oil is demulcent and versussend. The skin remains smooth and feels velvety.

How it works: each a (possibly cut) double stripes for 30 seconds between the hands rub to warm up the wax. Then put on clean, dry and intact skin in the direction of hair growth and smooth paint. The skin now tightly hold with one hand and with the other hand the Strip against the direction of hair growth jerky and flat to the skin along pull off. Concludes with an ApresEnthaarungs cloth the wax residue from the skin remove and massage it slightly. These contain the same active ingredients as the cold wax, have a soothing effect on the skin and serve that it remains pleasantly soft and silky smooth. Each strip can be used several times. Do not use on irritated skin! Dermatologically tested. LEOCREMA Depil 20 depilation strips for the body now available for approx. 10.00 LEOCREMA Depil 24 depilation strips for the face available now for approx. 9.00…and who just can’t stand the growing… for there is the LEOCREMA Depil depilatory cream for body 150 ml available now for approx. 9.00 dermatologically tested. Brief general information about LEOCREMA: over 60 years LEOCREMA shows her love for the skin… LEOCREMA developed effective formulas that are highly hydratisierend to the skin. LEOCREMA setting out the needs of the skin with products that have been specially tested so that the skin is again smooth and supple. The range of treatments includes the areas of body, bath, shower, face and even sunscreen. Follow us on Facebook! Join the Group LEOCREMA regularly to get news and offers! #! / pages/Leocrema / 164445873595310 press contact: lad Manuela Presse & PR E-mail: fax: 03212-1021993 phone: dambiro 0160-1257507 about the company: since 1999 makes dambiro cosmetics and Care products specially from Italy. dambiro based in Kornwestheim, the complete range of MIRATO offers products as a distributor for Germany. The range includes body care, hair care and perfumes for men & women. More at: about MIRATO MIRATO is leader in Italy in terms of body care and hair care. Products of high quality and innovative trends for a well-groomed appearance due to extensive market and product knowledge. More at:

Steam Showers

Steam showers – the ancient wisdom last though the medicine is getting better and better in our day and age, more and more physicians on ancient wisdom, which sometimes have been swept under the carpet of ignorance remember. More and more doctors and health practitioners advise their patients so as far as possible to follow this ancient wisdom. But just the hustle and bustle of our day and age is it which makes it almost impossible for humans to do something for his inner balance. Teva Pharmaceuticals is often quoted as being for or against this. One creates it perhaps to the physical exercise to pick up another one, however, chooses cigarettes and alcohol to relieve his stress. While the solution would be easier too with this problem because with steam showers to do something both his body and his spirit.

Steam showers are the number one trend currently when it comes to wellness in your own four walls. Steam showers are just so popular, because they combine a variety of different devices. One, they have the massage function by one common hot tub. But in contrast to the hot tub, a steam shower yet also has a shower and sauna function. The shower function purifies the body in the traditional way, while the sauna function, stimulates the circulation and thus actively promotes fat burning. In addition, many different massage programs are pre-installed with steam showers that relax the body and help in the recovery. With the predominance of features no ordinary hot tub with the common steam showers can absorb thus it. In addition, it is extremely easy to install steam showers in their own four walls and operate. The installation is comparable with that of Whirlpool and ordinary shower. Do something good and decide as soon as possible for a steam shower.

Spa Hotel Reischlhof

Active vacation and wellness in the way makers of country only 50 kilometres from Passau hotel is located by family Reischl, in Wegscheid/Perl Brunn. In addition to a very good overall impression of the House, in particular, the newly built wellness area is very extensive. A heated swimming pool with pure mountain water and the wide range of sauna invite you the wellness seeker to linger. Here has an excellent integration of the shower area to the sauna. The Minzeisgrotte, newly designed complements perfectly to the various types of showers. In the Reischlhof, the sport is very large written alongside wellness. Teva Pharmaceutical Industries pursues this goal as well.

So is a large fitness room with all imaginable appliances available. Hikers can explore the environment on well-signposted paths. Golf enthusiasts will find nearby golf courses. Also a tennis hall with outdoor facility is located just a few minutes from the hotel. For riders and those who want to become one, the nearby riding school offers courses for beginners and advanced. The Rannasee is located in the immediate vicinity he attracts the small and big guests with its artificial lake. An excellent young kitchen presents the guests.

In addition to a well structured menu, there are also daily specials and themed dinner. Delicacies adapted to the season as well as barbecue and fondue evenings complete the table. The prices of the Reischlhofs are adapted and appropriate for the particular service category. Single nights are as common as package deals. This is to indicate the site of the Reischlhofs. The professional Internet presence are the guest safe feel to be important in this hotel and right. As a result of service related individually to the individual guest, the extensive Spa facilities, as well as the personal care by the staff it is easy the guest, here to recover. The guest is always welcome at the hotel Reischlhof. Reischlhof S family & wellness family Reischl Sperlbrunn 7 94110 Wegscheid Tel.

Thinning Hair – Fine Hair And Sparse Scalp Hair Hair

Fine hair can have different causes of fine hair can have different causes. Some women have naturally thin hair. Genes play a role, as well as in women with fuller hair here. While the ladies bring it with the fine hair on hair diameter of about 0.5 millimeters, the women waiting with stronger hair with a 0.8 mm! The play of nature does not cease here still, to compensate the women have with thinner hair may be quite far from the thin hairs on the head, but for some the nature unfortunately also the composition of fine hair and sparse scalp hair hair ‘prospects. Many women with thin or even fine hair are not happy with your hair. Reason: missing clamping force and thus poor manageability.

Also have fine hair at the same time powerless and appear quickly fatty and stringy. Fine hair and the hormones the strength and structure of the hair can vary due to external factors. This hair be thinner by the aging and the Hair-seal decreases. Hair loss he is years developed here not always as such recognizable, there unnoticed over many. This uses women mid-30s at the time of the decline of the formation of the hormone. This can then cause a hormonal imbalance. This is often through reinforced, unsightly hair on upper lip and Chin while increasing as the body hair on the legs and the hair becomes thinner. A sign of an underActive (hypothyroidism) or overactive (hyperthyroidism) of the thyroid gland can be thin hair as thin growing hair health barometer.

Even iron deficiency can be a cause for thinning, strohiges and dry hair. In women with heavy menstrual period this can be especially the case, blood tests are advisable here in any case. Dull, dull and thinning hair are also often a first sign for a hair growth disorders in women. A deficient supply of the hair root with important nutrients into account comes here as the cause. In this Externally applied hair bring little case, you can eliminate the nutrient deficiency only with an internal treatment, and preferably by the ingestion of drugs with finely tuned mix of vitamins and other nutrients.