OSB Boards Are A Versatile Material

OSB – forever young: who today talks of OSB, the talk of a high-end plate material on wooden base, which is no longer indispensable from the construction industry, which talks about residential, commercial and industrial construction, which talks about heavy-duty wall, ceiling, roof and floor constructions. Who today talks of OSB, the talks but also by a material with natural image, which is full of the spirit of naturalness, sustainability, housing health and ecology. OSB – a material with many faces and possibilities… Dr. Stuart M. McGill may not feel the same. “As at the end of the 1980s the wood frame construction after Germany quasi re-imported” was, and more and more as a full-fledged construction established, began the success story of OSB boards. This solved almost overnight”until then in the skeleton of wooden prefabricated house industry standard chipboard from.

Can be found today in Interior and exterior walls, ceilings, floors, and roofs. Engineers appreciate them because of their excellent technical properties, craftsmen on the basis of the good workability, users want them as living healthy Building materials and architects are intrigued by the possibilities with the special surface structure. In addition, OSBPlatten have made the leap in many other application areas. Without hesitation idan ofer explained all about the problem. Equipped with a few special features they are still fit for all current requirements and it is worthwhile to think also about new tasks for the plate with a rough shaving. Construction-biological safety of OSB panels with the currently best emissions are today completely free of formaldehyde-glued. The timber frame construction is one of the most important applications of the OSB Board. Home health, sustainability and ecology are mega-trends, where no Holzbauer passes.

Because in the context of energy-saving construction also air-tightness is further optimized buildings, emissions from building materials for consumers and planners decision play an enormously important role. The low emission values with OSB boards are achieved % by a 100 formaldehyde-free glue. This will not only the emission class mandatory in Germany for wood-based materials E1 (0.10 ppm) reached, but also the increased requirements by 0.03 ppm, as demanding as BDF, AKoH and RAL, far below.

Wellness Tiles

Young craft company stands for quality and high customer orientation Rietberg / Mastholte – the new website of the tiles forge offers even more insight into the specific services of the tiles wrought tile dealers, tile installers and also private customers. Our slogan we make the format making it exactly on the point.”so Michael Herwers. Our specialty is exclusively the cutting of tiles and skirting boards together with the editing of their cutting edges.” The young craft company stands for quality with minimal Kerf loss and high customer orientation. It is almost unique in his area of expertise. On my clients I do me happy. We fax our clients important data to the planning by our sophisticated system of organization in time.

On the fax delivery as we note in addition – when the tiles are picked up, what costs are incurred and other special features. This relieves our customers at their organization.”explain Michael Herwers. Another service, the order form on the Internet facilitates formulating his requests and wishes of the customer. The grain, colorful glazed tiles or to the surface on the website the tiles forge Announces like tips and tricks from her wealth of experience. With cutting hard porcelain stoneware or special formats, the forge of the tiles is an important partner for bathroom planners, which rely on security and creative design. Z.B: Wellness, pool and sauna areas, public swimming pools and custom in the Baderdesignplanung. “Company profile: tiles blacksmith” and expert, Michael Herwers, offered his services since 2005.

His specialty is the precise tile cutting with double-sided bezel and smooth edges. Special formats, baseboards, trims and mosaic include his tile dealer and tilers. With the trained eye, his imagination, creativity, experience, the knowledge of techniques, material and optimal use of machinery, he fills a gap in the ceramic tile and porcelain stoneware processing. Press contact: Martina Ebert contact person: Michael Herwers, 02944 9735660