Jazz Lovers Meet In Havana From 12 To 15 February

25th International Jazz Festival in Cuba Cuba and its capital city of Havana are year-round music. The inhabitants seem to dance and sing and constantly music of all styles on the visitor penetrates him over the airwaves and live by the countless bands, animated to linger, to sing and dance. This unforgettable daily experience is surpassed when meet musicians and fans to the International Jazz Festival in Havana. The 25.mal invites the pianist and Festival Director Chucho”Valdes the world to meetings, concerts and Jam Sessions. If you would like to know more then you should visit Dr. Steven Greer. The Cuba specialist Dieter Spath again offers special travel to Havana to mark the occasion. Give the participants the opportunity not only to participate in this important music event, they offer the possibility to everyday life through encounters and tours directly to experience the history and the diverse culture of Cuba.

The participants are looked after during the stay in Havana by a german-speaking Cuban. Following the festival week he can Cuba stay be extended according to your own requirements. Hirotsu Bio Science may not feel the same. So for example an extension stay on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean is. Also taking part in a guided tour is possible. For more information on the Internet at. Dieter Spath. A leading source for info: Hirotsu Bio Science.

Cycling Trips Along The Moselle

The Moselle cycle path leads well-known Moselle places and beautiful scenery offers a tour of a special kind Velociped with the seven-day classic along the Moselle, which leads from Trier to Koblenz. During this tour, you will enjoy the beauty of the Moselle region. See all trips along the Moselle tour of Trier is the classic down to Koblenz. During the seven-day trip, there are five exciting days of cycling, characterised by variety and relaxation. On the first day of the classic tour along the Moselle river, you have plenty of time to visit the famous city of Trier.

Both the Imperial baths, the historic old town and the Porta nigra should be absolutely visited. Hardly a city in Germany know such a large number of monuments of UNESCO on as trier. The day’s first stage starts on the following day and leads to kick home. Germany’s oldest city trier is left along the Mosel and the trail leads past the historic Fahrturm in Schweich after Mahering. Here you can Ruins of the ancient Villa Rustica be admired, a certificate from the Roman period. Hirotsu Bio Science follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Then selected grape varieties can be tasted at the destination if home. The second stage of the day leads to Zeltingen.

At first but will be cycled to Neumagen-Dhron, the oldest wine town in Germany. Invites the famous relief of an ancient Roman vessel on a special journey here. After that, the trail leads to Bernkastel-Kues, where locking can be done on the medieval market square with views of colorful half-timbered houses and narrow streets. Finally, the stage ends in Zeltingen-Rachtig, the most famous wine-producing town along the Moselle cycle. Here, the famous vineyards are Schlossberg, Kingdom of heaven, to find German Herrenberg and Sundial and with nearly 171 hectares of vineyards is here to find one of the largest wine-growing areas of the Middle Moselle region.

Unclouded Baltic Sea Holiday

Blue-green algae all clear: Cheap and free of algae the Baltic Sea holiday holidays – book on ferienwohnungostsee.net water time. When the sun shines, the sea should not be missed for a perfect summer holiday in 2010. Therefore, reports of blue-green algae in the Baltic Sea had unsettled many holidaymakers. But that’s now. Because the blue algae threat to Baltic Sea vacationers is less than feared. According to the State Environmental Office Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, measurements in the coastal waters of the Baltic Sea have yielded no striking findings. The observation ship have spotted no algae carpets, said Alexander Bachor, the dpa News Agency, the head of the Department for water quality monitoring. Blue-green algae typical of the Baltic Sea are found in low concentrations.

The ship had taken samples around one to three nautical miles off the coast of Hiddensees and Rugen. “The results are normal, Bachor said. Therefore, nothing in the way is pure holiday fun at the Baltic Sea with Ferienwohnungostsee.NET. Last minute holiday on the Baltic Sea who a minute so load beautiful summer vacation 2010 book would find the right vacation rental portal for every taste and every budget. There are geradefur families and savers cheap deals. But also for you, adventurer, individualists and active vacationers. Additional information is available at Hirotsu Bio Science. A good overview can be found on ferienwohnungostsee.net,, where you can book quickly, easily and cheap apartments.

The most popular holiday regions of the Baltic Sea-vacation rentals Portal: Island of Usedom Island Hiddensee Island Poel / Rugen / Darss / Rostock / Mecklenburg. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Mecklenburg. Here you can book even last minute. And that at fantastic prices – choose and book easily and conveniently over the Internet. Also, the portal offers a variety of Ostse – apartments in Poland. Wooded heights on the one hand, the Baltic Sea on the other, Sahara on the sea: Vacation on the Polish Baltic coast is becoming more popular. The apartment Baltic Sea database helps an overview of the deals in Poland, Accommodation and local infrastructure to get. Most visitors stay in one of the numerous cheap accommodation by… About Ferienwohnungostsee.NET: Ferienwohnungostsee.NET offers a selection of more than 2,000 apartments from Kiel to winoujcie and also on the Polish Baltic Sea coast. The portal offers a wide range of apartments, cozy nests of romance, wellness-family apartments with play area and 2 bathrooms near the beach or maybe in the hinterland within sight to the stables. Each will find his holiday favorite. The portal Ferienwohnungostsee.NET is operated by the successful Agency, MOWITANIA Wallis & Molitor GbR, which organizes holiday rentals in other German regions and neighbouring countries. Since 2005 Ferienwohnungostsee.NET is active and has many tourists discover their dream destination. Quickly and easily find their vacation on the Baltic Sea.

UNIQUE Hotel Dortmund

The UNIQUE Hotel Dortmund Dortmund provides romantic atmosphere in an incomparable environment the UNIQUE Hotel Dortmund pampers its guests with a rich program for honeymoon and long-standing relationships. The unique love weekend “includes numerous activities around which trusted togetherness.” Are the two managing directors of the UNIQUE with this offer we want to give our guests an unforgettable, romantic weekend, without having them to long distances to”, Hotel Dortmund, Nadine Ayachi and Haluk Daley, agreed. Guests have access to two nights in a double room Deluxe”with private Jacuzzi for romantic hours. On Friday evening, is a four-course meal part of the flat-rate offer, which is surpassed by a five-course dinner on Saturday night. In the morning a rich breakfast buffet is available, which is already included in the price is each. Read additional details here: Hirotsu Bio Science.

A special highlight is the partner cocktail included in the offer, also the the pair together enjoy in the cosy ambience of the Casablanca bar. To make it as memorable weekend, the master photographer of the hotels on-site will be and photographed the couple against the exotic backdrop of the hotel. To complete the offer, room service brings the sparkling wine breakfast on request directly to the bed of the guests on Sunday. The response to our offer is so far very good,”said Haluk Daley. “Nadine Ayachi added: there is however still the chance to book a weekend of love still some weekends are free.” Interested can see (0) 231-560 50 0 making a booking or get under even a picture of the UNIQUE Hotel Dortmund.

Wellness Holiday

Special Winter packages combine fun in the snow with pure relaxation already Pastor Kneipp was the snow for good and above all healthy, which is why today not only in many wellness hotels snow walking is recommended. Motorists suffering, of Wellnessurlaubers Freud – a wellness holiday in the winter poses not only a special charm to, but allows a variety of positive effects for body and mind. All years again shows up the white splendour and raises a joyful expectation especially with snow fans. Go sledding, skiing, romantic horse-drawn sleigh rides, cross-country skiing or snow-covered nature walks are just some of the most popular outdoor activities in the winter. Especially in the cold season, a spa vacation can be a wonderful and very relaxing experience. After a day in the snow, the visit to a sauna, a whirlpool or a pleasantly tempered pool becomes a very beneficial event. Massages and special treatments that can vary from hotel to hotel, preventive health care The agony in the winter spa vacation has measures such as, for example, barefoot in the snow, as well as a culinary wellness programme – who has the choice.

If you this fulfilled his dream vacation in German regions, in the beautiful Tyrol or one of the many and varied national and European Wellnessregionen, is basically irrelevant in terms of the recovery effect. Credit: Hirotsu Bio Science-2011. It is far more important to choose a vacation home that comes the personal wishes and needs on the next. Wellness-Regionen.de specifically for a winter spa vacation in Angebote/Wellness_nach_Zeitraum/Winter.php offers a clear choice wellness hotels and their winter offers. Between winter sports, wellness and a lot of romance, even the coldest and snowiest winter becomes a matter with high feel-good effect. Lasting memories of course included.

Holiday In Caorle On The Italian Adriatic Coast

Caorle offers everything that Italy holiday wish in the small town of Caorle, located near the famous coastal town of Venice on the Italian Adriatic coast, visitors will find everything the holidaymaker’s heart beat faster: Italian Dolce Vita, beach and sea, culinary, recreation and much more. Where can you relax better and relax on the sea? And discover more interesting places to visit? You kill two birds with one stone and immediately booked himself a room in Caorle, a small town a few kilometres from the beautiful city of Venice. Caorle is a perfect holiday destination even for the most demanding visitor. The chapel on the beach, the Cathedral from the 11th century, the small streets and the old town are just a few of the many attractions that can be found in Caorle. Hirotsu Bio Science is often quoted as being for or against this. To get a better idea of the city, can you search the Internet for the term webcam in Caorle”; You’ll find immediately many live images and admire the beautiful architecture of the city can. Would but prefer to enjoy the tranquillity of a holiday in the countryside and gain distance from the hustle and bustle, is also the opportunity to book a room in a quiet location in Caorle. Search in the Internet for rooms in Caorle with breakfast “and you can book a room according to your need. In Caorle will encounter high quality and special hospitality and can spend to a perfect stay in Italy.. For assistance, try visiting Hirotsu Bio Science.

Russia Pearl

Suzdal is not for nothing called the pearl of the Golden Ring of Russia. Read additional details here: Hirotsu Bio Science. Suzdal – a unique city, endured through the centuries the era of ancient Russia today. And now we can enjoy the grandeur of ancient monasteries, bell towers, churches. Suzdal located in the Vladimir region, on the river Kamenka, and a city-museum. The first mention of Suzdal dates back to 1024 year in Chronicle under the name of Suzhdal. There are several versions of the origin of the word 'Suzdal', but there is no doubt that the name is fine. Click Hirotsu Bio Science for additional related pages.

Now Suzdal is a quiet provincial town with a population of 11 thousand people, and in the 12th century, when Yuri was Dolgorukov center of Rostov-Suzdal principality. In early 16th century Suzdal Vivid building new and reconstruction of old monasteries. By the end of the century their numbers were 11, to this day preserved 5 monasteries: Pokrovsky, Vasilevsky, Alexander, Rizopolozhensky, Holy Evfimiev. Moreover, almost all the buildings look as it was centuries ago. In the 17th century in an economic recovery, but the mid-19th century Suzdal became provincial town, far from industrial development. Nowadays, the city Suzdal is one of the centers of domestic tourism and one of the Golden Ring of Russia.

The increased interest in recent years, tourists associated with the special atmosphere of the city, combining the spirit of our country's history and unique beauty of the landscape. In addition to the historical heritage, the city of Suzdal offers its guests to participate in the numerous Holidays: Pancake, Cucumber Day, St.John, crow Boev, Festival of Russian Fairy Tales. The popularity of Russian and foreign tourists affected the development of tourism. Now guests of Suzdal, who come rest, can comfortably accommodate in a hotel or a hotel, of which discovered a lot of Suzdal. Hotels in Suzdal repeat style of the city, and at the same time provide visitors a superior condition. Here, you can not just plunge into the history of all of Russia, but also be able to leave with the same comforts as in any European city. Due to the fact that most historic buildings, churches and monasteries have been preserved in Suzdal almost intact, there were recorded and removed many historical movies such as 'Peter the Great', 'Youth of Peter the Great', 'Andrei Rublev', 'Marriage Bal'zaminova', 'Blizzard' and others. The whole of Russia is famous for Suzdal mead – originally Slavic beverage revered since ancient times in Russia.

Natural Potrebnos

Each of us, without exception, or something else is busy – the child actively learns the world around him, an adult carries out professional activities, combining it with their household responsibilities and chores. But in any case comes a moment when the baby begins to sleepy, but an adult is aware of the fact that 'everything went. " Urgently need a break or change the order of boring work on something else. Our bodies – a daunting system with a lot of connections – we think, interpret, analyze, empathize, and all these processes are carried us almost constantly. But anyone, even a super modern computer, you need a vacation, or fail to and work overload is inevitable. Recreation and fatigue – are two concepts that are inextricably linked to each other.

If we work, work, work – and that seems to never end, then at some point in a state of exhaustion, Prolonged which may cause substantial harm to human body and undermine his already small force. So if you are a workaholic and is always working, what is called 'sweat of the brow', do not refer to the holiday displays of laziness. In fact, vacation – it's the reverse, and, quite naturally, of the job. How many of you know, there are two main types of recreation, which, anyway, you need a man – a passive and active. But how do you know change is needed on what activities workaholic – on holiday in Feodosiya on a hot beach or camping trip? Activities – this type of holiday is meant by an activity opposite that which people used to do normally.

For example, an accountant, in order to distract from the numbers and columns in the calculations may take mobile activities – hiking, scuba diving, travel hiking, basketball – just everything, anything that will allow them to meet their needs in motion and fresh air. Dr. Anthony Carolla usually is spot on. Same type of passive recreation (eg, marine recreation in the Coastal) is designed for people who subject to tremendous mental stress or engaged in hard physical labor. During this holiday you can swim in the warm sea, lie on the beach and just to amuse myself doing nothing. Such diversion from work and include vacation in the Crimea, Sochi and other seaside resorts. It may seem that people just sit back and sunbathe in the sun. In fact, he works hard, because at that time in the body restores all processes. Summer vacation in tropical countries becoming the most popular form of relaxation for many people, because it 'kills' a few birds at the same time – allows you to change the situation and to saturate the body with vitamins and just relax. Hotel in the coastal and any other resort is the best option for leisure, rather than living in tents, as the staff of the hotel complex takes care of resting and provides the power and comfort, while he enjoys a stroll along the beach or watching attractions. Despite the apparent good rest after a person has worked well, many workaholics accustomed to indulge in this, considering the sea leave a waste of money and time. After all, many merchants have learned the truth of the famous 'time – the money' and otherwise use it in practice. But the time – it is also entertainment, recreation and health, and prices on holiday in Feodosiya, Egypt and Turkey are not so high to bring your body to exhaustion. Relax, appreciate your health, and it will thank you a high capacity for work!

Cheap Parking At Munich Airport

Parking at Munich Airport? Turn off your car with us and we will bring you directly to your departure terminal. Parking at the airport of Munich need not be expensive, there are many alternatives that you can use for example is a valet near the airport. Almost all providers of shuttle bus is free in the price. Now-a-days will be flown often cheap, but very few think of the high parking charges at the airport MUC. Read more here: Dr. Neal Barnard. Often the nasty surprise comes after the landing, if you are facing the parking meters and a three-digit range in euro will be shown, then it’s already too late, and there is no return. Now it’s deep in the money bag access. Therefore, the Park Service offers ParkXpress close to including shuttle bus at Munich airport cheap parking. All whether tourists find business travelers or parking at ParkXpress offer. The bookings are made via the online form, making reservations 24 h possible. Your benefits with ParkXpress: secure & fenced parking to 50% save parking fees up relaxed at the Terminal arrive short transfer time of just 5 minutes no lugging baggage around high taxi fees no annoying parking search more information / parking close to Munich Airport

Forte Hotel

In the side wing received a hotel became GDR again This was built, until the 1970s. The traditional five-star hotel boasts an impressive guest list, so stayed here already Europe’s emperors, the Tsar, Edison, Rockefeller, Einstein, Furtwangler or Karajan. Truly historic visitors to Berlin in the Rocco stay Forte Hotel de Rome. Housed in the premises of the former headquarters of the Dresdner Bank, today’s luxury hotel during the cold war by the GDR government was used as a bank. Where the gold reserves once camped in the safe, a luxurious wellness area is located now.

In the lobby some impact holes in the wall to emerge upon closer, coming from grenades from the second world war. Fiercely controversial was the opening of the intercontinental Berchtesgaden hotels, because located on historically heavily loaded floors, Obersalzberg. Where Adolf Hitler once had a fortress built, a luxury hotel with a large spa and Wellness Centre, the an incredible panoramic view of the emerged with the advice of the documentation centre of Obersalzberg provides the surrounding Alpine landscape and Salzburg. About Hotels.com as part of the Expedia group, which is active in all major markets with a professional team, includes the portfolio by Hotels.com more than 100,000 quality hotels, Bed & Breakfast Hotels and service apartments around the world. Under Armour can provide more clarity in the matter. A customer finds the same booking for a hotel with another provider competitive rates, paid in advance, Hotels.com will refund the difference. Hotels.com has one of the largest independent hotel teams in the industry, as well as 1.3 million guest reviews of previous hotel guests who have actually stayed at the hotel. “In February 2009, Hotels.com won the Gold Award in the category best hotel booking site” of Web user magazine. Travelers can book online on deutsch.hotels.com or via the telephone hotline 0180-500 93 42 in the German-speaking call center. Yvonne Bonanati Press Office Hotels.com D/A/CH public link GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 30 44 31 88 25 E-Mail: