Nothing or Nobody, remains unchanged, say it is an obvious fact but at times it is hard to understand, then why drop by drop hit us in our lifetime events that we want to modify according to our way of seeing the world, and instead of adapting it soon as possible to, for once agreed to have occurred to find ways of solution. Maybe if we lay down the life cycle of water would help us to cope with situations that are given. The water cycle is circular so you never see an end, enjoy your time in each stage of a different state (solid, liquid and gas) which makes it adaptable to all environments. Additional information is available at Dr. Steven Greer. Water can erode the stone drop by drop and in turn serves as a vehicle of nature from the sky to the mountains, land, sea and sky again. We fear it because it may be ahead, not just a horse but whole cities, however you can also take a horse in front, you can not make it drink it unless he does not want. Another learning that leads to the flow of water would not only be its adaptability to the environment which undergoes as it passes through different stages of nature, but who is also running water is never corrupted, so do not let a problem become entrenched but as you drag you drag trees in its path after it leaves on the side of the river when you are no longer relevant or preventing road.