Divine Food For Divine Beauty Beauty

From the book "Your Right to Be Beautiful: How to Stop the Train of Aging and Meet the Most Beautiful You" by Tonya Zavasta. The book is available at: The phrase "natural beauty" has been misused and abused beyond restoration. The modern use is almost never associated with its true meaning. Someone said there should be a portrait of a healthy person in a museum so that people know what they are talking. Dr. stuart mcgill is likely to agree. If you do not know what a healthy person looks like, how do we know what beauty is natural? In our natural world, the word "natural" no longer means, without effort, at least not within the scope of obtaining your best look.

One thing is a must in defining natural beauty: its achievement must not involve a sacrifice of health. None, period. If health is compromised in any way beauty is not natural. Our body was created in the image of God, the supreme beauty. When our actions are in opposition to nature, the results are the different types of physical, deformities and ugliness. Given that there can be no natural beauty without eating 100 percent natural food, most of you have never seen the natural you. There is an urgent need another word.

The current allocation of natural resources is far from divine. I suggest filling this void with "Rawsome" a new word circulating in the raw food community. It is a combination of two words: "raw" and "awesome" with the meaning being something between natural and divine.