Germanys Car Tour Operators

The figures show: young tour operators confident individual, customer-oriented services and cheap rates Basel, 16.02.09 – spar with! Travel is a young, expanding travel operator with 141.590 guests in 2008 (+ 40% compared to the previous year). In just eight years, has savings! managed the leap into the top 20 in the German travel market. That in Basel (Switzerland)-based family company consciously focuses on a unique strategy: the travel packages are instead of journalists trained by hotel buyers of 14 locally researched and developed jointly with the hoteliers. Dr. Steven Greer may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Not keep small weirdness that way: In the “Landhotel Allgauer Hof” in Wolfegg for example the guests by the chef learning how to make hand-scraped “spatzle”. No holidays off the rack so, but with passion and custom tailored. A further peculiarity of spar with! Travel: Offers are not marketed with the help of travel agencies and catalogs, but only directly via Internet and telephone. Endless queues or even paid service numbers have in savings! Restraining order and on the headset with several years of professional experience not in the fast pass trained call center agents, but solid travel clerks and tourism specialist hosts. Over 98% with the savings! guests come from Germany, the rest is distributed mainly to Austria and the Switzerland.

In the program, offers for car travellers are preferred. The cheapest city breaks, musical arrangements, wellness offers and family holidays are especially popular. The most booked destinations are Austria, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, the Switzerland and with approximately 54% of all booked trips to Germany. “The concept on free sale” and loyalty based attacks: proof provides not only the low complaint rate of only 0.3% (2% and 3% are customary in the industry), but also the steadily increasing guest numbers, which have doubled in the last two years. For travel in 2009, for the first time over 200,000 guests are aspired. Contact: Stefan Wiegand Project management online marketing mats str. 24, CH-4058 Basel phone: + 41 (0) 61 685 25 43 E-Mail: Web: