Successful Stress Manager

Only who effectively manage stress, can keep his power at work: 4 starter tips for successful stress Manager from one date to another. In the meantime a snack. Answer fast even the mails which prepare presentation, a family celebration is even. The phone rings, wanted to sport. Your plan changes. Stress is better than its reputation. The change of stress and recovery phases is called life. Short-term stress acts stimulating.

He drives on, promotes concentration and creativity. Dr. stuart mcgill might disagree with that approach. Permanent loads stress weaken your body, reduce the performance and make sick. It’s believed that idan ofer sees a great future in this idea. What is behind this? The organism is continually under constant stress on increased alert and tried under considerable energy expenditure, maintaining his balance. There’s no time for rest and relaxation, collapses the organism from exhaustion. It comes to serious health consequences. Moreover, that is the body, long lasting burden on the State of the alert accustomed to.

Even in stress-free phases he can no longer regulate sleep. Stress arises in the mind of the stress response has evolved due to the evolution and makes it possible that we can quickly respond to short-term dangers or threats (stressors). At a meeting with the saber-toothed Tiger, stone age man in a matter of seconds was set to fight or flight. The response of the nervous system is still the same. The stressors have changed. There are requirements of everyday life: such as date – and pressure, constant availability, lack of balance between professional & personal life. It is not the situation itself, that causes stress. Rather, it is the own attitude or rating, by which an event is experienced as challenging or threatening. As a result each of us reacts to the same situation differently. For stress management, there is no patent remedy stress Manager means you need to question your actions and deal with themselves. Especially at high professional requirements, such as executives and self-employed persons, it is important to be able to manage stress effectively.