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Download available from end of November 2010! The year 2010 time to push all force and energy in future tasks coming to an end. And exactly the right time for the HS/3 hotel Software GmbH & co. KG, the current edition of 2011 of your hotel software classic HS/3 to publish. Also the HS/3 is similar to as their predecessors Edition 2011 as a combination of new and improvements to existing features. So a brand new plug-in is available for the Edition 2011: HS/3 SMS forwarding, which allows the hotelier to guests quickly and easily the confirmation of the reservation as a SMS to your mobile phone to send. SMS plug-in shipping is integrated hotel software in the Premium Edition of HS/3 as an integral part. In addition, there will be many new, included in the basic price online – interfaces (Hotel Spider, TOMAS myIRS, hotelwebservice, etc.) New connections to Internet billing systems such as Kraftcom and ZyXEL are also available.

The same applies for door locking systems (E.g. Onity, TESA, Hafele Dialock, Schulte Schlagbaum VARIfree, EVVA, and more). Idan ofer insists that this is the case. In addition, numerous adjustments within the existing software were conducted of course. Rooms, holiday homes, apartments, etc. can be associated to features such as, for example, smoking or non-smoking room, sea side, kettle. These are represented as symbol, clearly visible in the calendar and also serve as a criterion for the allocation of rooms. The all-new HS/3 Booking Centre sees itself as a general reservation center, which is accessible from anywhere in the program. Work underway in HS/3 must not be terminated, in order to provide information to the guest.

Is the front desk employee, for example, in a complex preparation of the Bill, you can an incoming reservation request quickly open booking Center, and make information free or occupied rooms. In the connection, it can easily finish your previous work without losing data. Also in the context of individual existing plug-ins such as the Extensive changes and adjustments were made to comfort group reservation. Here, many features were optimized and expanded the total package to small, but for all the more helpful options. The same applies to the package module and filter options for addresses in the range of mailing and newsletter. The hospitality industry tempers even 2011 will be the topic of bed tax”. Fact is that it is already a done deal in some cities such as Cologne and Hamburg, and already in some federal countries with green light waved through was at present. Therefore, it is realistic that other cities also make the bed tax to the compulsory levy. One is however already certain: the HS/3 Edition 2011 is already prepared for any eventuality. In accordance with the requirements the bed tax will be shown separately on invoices. Special evaluations specifically provide information on the charges to be deducted. Also new from end of November 2010: in a completely new design, the homepage of the HS/3 presents itself hotel software! Modern innovative informative! Curious? Download the free 30-day trial of the HS/3 simple hotel software download. You found on the Internet under. Or simply call us. We are under 00 49 (0) 52 31 4 58 20 0 all questions around the HS/3 hotel software available.