Why? Yes, because if you so often and much must be in Lithuania – Make out a residence permit for this because there is a law! Well, other similar cases. So before you wonder how in denial – thought maybe your plans to visit Lithuania were not quite so pure and sincere and had under a lot of other selfish purposes In any case, you have the right to re-apply, and most importantly do not hesitate to communicate with someone who accepts the documents Preferably with no claims, but persistently Looks like a standard Schengen visa, perhaps, many people know But what is a Residence permit (the so-called residence permit) in the material a real sense of the word? – A simple plastic card, the size of your credit card. Almost one to one identification card of a citizen of the Republic of Lithuania, only a different color. Which contains information on your last name and the name, the validity of the card and issue date assigned you a unique number in Lithuania (personal identification number), card number, your citizenship, the body which issued the document. Simple and multi-function. What does it offer? – The right to employment and social programs, an unlimited number of entries and trips during the year without additional permission, the free open accounts and obtain credit, purchase and registration of vehicles, maintenance of legitimate activities, education, etc. For assistance, try visiting rusty holzer. In general, almost All rights Lithuanian citizens except the right to vote and (if you're a temporary resident) purchase of land in Lithuania (the latter until 2013, then it may be revised). . .

Municipal Employment

There are also several transactions that are exempt from vat, for example, exports of goods outside the Czech Republic. For businesses operating in the implementation of food products, as well as for construction organizations construction of residential complexes, the vat rate is 9% for all other types of companies, products and services, interest rate of vat is 19%, from 2008 onwards. vat return filed during the 25-and days after the end of the tax period. In the case where the legal entity or entrepreneur is the owner of the vehicle, he must register as a payer of road tax in the tax inspection. The amount of tax depends on the specific weight of the car and engine size. For most cars the road tax does not exceed 4000 euros per year. In the case where the legal entity or entrepreneur owns Real Estate in the Czech Republic, he is obliged to be registered as a payer of property tax in the tax office. The amount of tax depends on the total area, height, method of use and Accessories property to a particular locality. Tax on real estate in the Czech Republic practically does not burden the budget of the entrepreneur. Taxes on payroll is calculated and paid only if available Legal Entity employees (individuals) officially carried out and the roster Municipal Employment in the Czech Republic. Rate health tax is 13.5% rate of social tax is 34% Rate income tax is 15%. Deadlines for annual accounts identified the end of March, the year following the reporting period. Payment of taxes from payroll can monthly or quarterly. Other taxes paid quarterly. Teva is full of insight into the issues. Terms of monthly or quarterly tax payment indicated in the data entity for registration with the tax office, or on the basis of the application management entity in the financial bodies. In accordance with the services provided by our company are highly qualified economists to give you an annual, asset management activities of your entity. Consultation on services and their conditions, you can find out by calling us. Read the latest news and useful information for foreigners in the news website of our company.