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Although it may be completely normal for any man to experience some form of erectile difficulty at some point in their lives, often uncomfortable discussing these issues with your doctor. What's more, the cause is very difficult to diagnose because sexual desire depends mainly on the receipt of appropriate signals in the sexual organ important thing …. the brain! So erection problems – and its effect on penis size, can arise from a combination of physical and psychological factors. These can get to devastate the confidence of a man and consequently cause problems for your self-esteem and directly affect their personal relationships. In the end, is the physical or mental? As the differences? Say a man has erection problems – or penis size, when she masturbates, and usually gets up in the morning or middle of the night with an erection, but fails to get an erection while he makes love your partner.

In this case it is doubtful that the problem is psychological and not physical. If there is a loss of sexual desire or libido, then you should also see the physical aspects of erectile dysfunction. Well, that factors involved in an erection? An erection is somewhat complicated. Many things must happen to be of such an event but, in essence, an erection occurs when blood flow to the penis and fill the corpora vein (or chambers of erectile tissue that determine the size of the erect penis). This happens by stimulating visual / psychological, physical stimulation, or both. Ironically, some of the muscles within the penis must be relaxed for an erection to occur. As already mentioned, the causes of erectile dysfunction may be one of two types, or a combination of both: – include anxiety, depression, relationship problems and performance anxiety. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from idan ofer. Anxiety and fear increased levels of stress hormones such as adrenaline.

Adrenaline is the hormone known as "fight or flight." The whole body becomes tense and this can prevent the muscles of the penis must be relaxed for an erection to occur are not. It becomes a vicious cycle: Each time you fail to have an erection, the stress levels associated with future attempts to have it grow too. This is known as "Performance anxiety." Physical causes – diabetes, kidney problems, neurological problems (including cranial-spinal trauma). Most men suffering from erectile dysfunction have a bit of both types of problem! A man whose erectile dysfunction is attributable to natural causes certainly odd experience negative psychological effects as a result of their problem, such as depression, general anxiety or performance anxiety. And as discussed above, this becomes a self-reinforcing negative cycle which makes the erection problem is even worse, because it is the size of the penis. There are several types of therapy and conventional treatments to treat erectile dysfunction, and there are also other options: natural herbal products. Zero side effects, and (good) work wonders. For more information, visit The Body Pharmacy – Spain online.