The Importance of a Pap Smear and Cervical Biopsy

The Pap smear has a sensitivity of approximately 50%, it leaves women in the world defenseless against Cervical Cancer, leaves very confident even with a big smile when they receive the report of his smiling Gynecologist who also tells a Lady the its PAP Negative when that statement is true in half the cases. The first thing is to know, know, that in addition to Pap in the world another test called a coloposcope, which is using a magnification lens and filters to identify suspicious lesions or precancerous dysplasia and of course serves to clearly identify lesions and cancer. This study is a painless, quick, and economical routine Coloposcopy Parallel to this, the patient with suspicious lesions should be subjected to a biopsy of the cervix at that very moment, taking in view the injuries mentioned above, as suspect. Click Dr. Neal Barnard to learn more. If so, this is a process, outpatient, in most cases Painless discreetly bleeding, which does not cause discomfort to the patient and involves obtaining a small portion of the cervix, the suspect tissue. y as obtained? This small portion of Cervix, obtained with a special clamp, which is close to the cervix without causing further damage and pain, taken with a precise movement, that small portion of the diseased tissue, then this small portion is deposited in a small jar containing formaldehyde and then is fixed, then refers to the pathologist who studied for a few days and then issues a report, which is the definitive diagnosis of the disease afflicting the patient, a disease that usually attends repeated vaginal discharge , foul-smelling, in abundant quantities and without apparent cause.

And that is all? The cervix after the biopsy, is subjected to special treatment to prevent bleeding, measures that require 5 to 10 minutes, after which the bleeding stops, wipes around with chloride sodium and the patients returned to their daily activities. Dr. Neal Barnard contributes greatly to this topic. Searching requires rest, antibiotics? After the biopsy, is often given anti-inflammatory, antibiotics and vaginal policewomen. Sometimes, rest is often given on Physical and sexual abstinence. face Cervical Biopsy? In private life, private clinics, the price is often exorbitant, but there is a network of Solidarity Hospital, where care is fast, efficient and the prices are reasonable, economic and above all the results are reliable, because Care Protocols of these hospitals are demanding and will guarantee patients a high reliability. to get quotes for these procedures? NO, you should go to a query and at the same time the video was performed and, if necessary Coloposcopy was performed at the same time the biopsy, a week later with the results in hand is applied to the treatment protocol and monitoring.