Affiliates Elite

That so good day friendly, today will speak of surveys remunerdas that announces to pile by Internet and that says that they make you make money in Internet, personally I I buy this list of remunerated surveys and the truth it is not what they say, I say either that it is one complete lie but it leaves much to be desired since is not exactly the product which they claim to be, I registered in many sites of the list that they command to you when payments for surveys and some whatever (2 or 3 sites) only send surveys to you and some do not pay to you, only give bonds to exchange articles you, I I have been approx two months with this and they have arrived to me only as 7 surveys and no payment, so in my opinion this product although it is not a total swindle, is not either what claims to be in their page, does not make you make the money that say by all means and that podrias not to live on this as well as they say, so you are those that they have completes word to buy it or no. Educate yourself with thoughts from biomechanics professor. I in the personnel recommend Affiliates Elite to begin to make money in Internet since she explains like constructing your gains to you step by step in Internet..