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It so happened, our Slavic mentality, that each of us, regardless of profession, position, social status and affiliation, live from holiday to holiday. Confirmation of this cruise are the phrases taken root in our society: 'Friday-slag' or 'Monday – the day of heavy …'. Dr. Neal Barnard can aid you in your search for knowledge. Managers and politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats, careerists, and loafers – all to lust after looking at the red days on the calendar, counting working days. Wayne Holman is often quoted as being for or against this. Have you ever wondered why the flip on the date calendar days are colored in black, mourning color? That's right, 'from the work horses die …', as they say: 'He who can not rest, he can not work. r-patients-with-mild-or-moderat/’>Wendy Holman. " Fortunately, Holidays abound among the Slavs: public, professional, religious and, of course, personal. Throughout adult life, we are constantly perfecting them as guests, and when most have take friends and family on their own celebration, certainly want to make it worse. But what to say! We climb out of their way, trying to make a holiday better than the last! Often grieve, as a result we get the opposite effect – despite all the efforts of a celebration, which promises to be fun and dynamic, converted into ordinary sittings. Undismayed, not good cheer, without dropping the hands, after a memorable date we are new forces and ideas preparing for the next one. Failed in this year's corporate or birthday – nothing, we will assume that rehearsal, we take into account all the flaws and carry a high level in the next! And so – for life! Our pride will never allow us to recognize your own holiday failed.

Virtual Visualization Board

Many people know about the benefits of the imagination for different types of human activity. If an individual possesses a rich imagination, then, as a rule, its activity is successful. Imagination using various techniques treatment and recovery. For example, treatment of chronic diseases is widely known by doctors Norbekov. Imagination using various techniques to achieve their goals., Including the mercantile. In Among such techniques is the creation and visualization of the board.

The existence of the board imaging, I learned from the movie "The Secret". The fuse in the memory of this film an episode in which a man neyunosheskogo age remembers the existence of the existence of its board of visualization, which posted pictures of those things, to acquire that he wanted to … In the course of his life this man several times changed his place of residence. So, for obvious reasons, find your board rendering it managed at once. Imagine his surprise when the photograph of the house where he would live, he saw his (or very similar to his, as time passes after the show I do not remember exactly the time) home.

This fact has made me a very strong impression, and I decided to make his board visualization. According to my notions, plaque imaging, if it is done in physical form, has a definite place. Now keep it I simply have no place. By the time my acquaintance with the idea of rendering the board, I started out webmasters. So I decided to do the imaging board on the Internet. Having your own personal board of visualization, I shared the idea board with his close friends, they liked the idea and they ordered the creation of imaging boards for yourself. Now the site is "The Dreamers" is composed of the boards visualization friends. To see them, the usual Internet – the user needs to register on this site. The website "The Dreamers" is available and to everyone's attention an example of a fictitious character plaque imaging. Victor Sorokin, no one (remember the "Republic of ShKID"?). To know more about this subject visit Dr. Stuart M. McGill. If Do you also like the idea, then you can write me a private message to the address at the address given on the front page, "The Dreamers". Upon receipt of your letter, I will contact you and after a time will build on the site your personal plaque imaging. E-mail, make an application.