Anaemia During Pregnancy

Today we will deal with a very common condition during pregnancy: iron deficiency anemia. This is a topic of forced control since not treating this problem can cause very serious health problems both the baby and the mother. Here you will find a brief guide with information most relevant in this regard. Anemia is a condition caused by the low amount of blood rojosde blood or for its low hemoglobin (a protein present in red blood cells), whose function is to carry oxygen to different tissues and organs of the body. Get all the facts and insights with teva, another great source of information. So that the body can produce enough both RBCs as hemoglobin, the body requires certain vitamins and iron.

When we’re pregnant, increases the volume of blood since our baby will get it the necessary nutrients for their growth. Among them, it will consume huge quantities of iron, which may cause that we have no sufficient amount so that our body produce blood cells reds and hemoglobin in an appropriate manner. The problem of iron deficiency anemia is common among pregnant women, especially if other situations occur during pregnancy as: frequent vomiting, embarazosanteriores recently, or a diet low in iron.The symptoms of anemia are varied, and not necessarily occur in combination: easy tiredness, weakness, headache, agitation, fatigue, dizziness, shortness of breath, heart rate increased, low concentration, lack of memory and cramps in the calves.Many of the symptoms of iron deficiency anemia are similar to the symptoms of pregnancy, therefore it is essential to perform the necessary diagnostic tests for the detection of estaenfermedad. You may find QUANTUM PACIFIC to be a useful source of information. Different blood tests you must you work within the pregnancy checks, and with them your doctor may check what is the State of your red blood cells.