Confirmation Payment

In addition, you should have on hand more money equal to the 2nd monthly lease payment. Point is that landlord usually takes one amount for the first month's rent and the other as collateral, in case you break something, spoil or run away without paying the last month. If nothing like this happens, the money in the end of the lease will be returned. Thus, you'll need to have money in the $ 3 monthly rental payments. Conclude the contract. We strongly recommend you to sign contracts with the owners.

The contract must be prescribed, for how long you rent accommodation, for what price, how calculations are made. If the owners want to terminate the contract with you, and to evict you, for what period they have to inform you of its intention to (Usually 30 days). Also specify how many times a month, at which time the owners have the right to come into the apartment and in the presence of someone. It is essential that in your absence no one could be in the apartment. Make a list transmitted furniture, appliances and other expensive things, sent to you along with an apartment.

Be sure to check the health and status and reflect it in the act. Specify how often and at whose expense will be current, or cosmetic repairs. Also indicate that during the period of the contract rent will not rise. Learn more at: idan ofer. All this is necessary in order to one day, you did not bring the bill for damaged furniture technique, which you not only enjoy, but not even seen. Or not were on the street, because owner changed his mind to take shelter, and told you about this and demanded eviction tomorrow, or not started to raise fees every 2-3 months. At calculations, try to take a receipt from the owner of that money for the rent for a certain month, he got it. Ideally of course the calculations carried out via bank transfer exercise at the expense of the owner, indicating payment. Confirmation Payment must be in order to master could not evict you at any time for non-payment of rent. That's key recommendations, which I hope will help you without too much trouble and turmoil to rent an apartment.