FLEXI Operations

A work routine that includes 4 to 5 exercises with each device and to carry out routine 2 3 times weekly will get an improvement in the strength and stability of joints such as the shoulder, neck, lumbar spine, the deep abdominal muscles and knee. Separately, balance and proprioception, gains will be achieved two parameters that are being very studied and which are of great importance in the prevention of injuries. As last, the training medium and long term with the XCO and the FLEXI-BAR produces a considerable increase of burning calories with what the effect of quema-grasa should be taken into account. From here we recommend training with the FLEXI-BAR and the XCO since improvements and gains will be greater and faster that using conventional appliances or with own body weight exercises. Here, Dr. Neal Barnard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. In general, the effects that can be achieved with the XCO and the FLEXI-BAR are the following: correction of decompensation and muscle imbalances. Improvement in the cardiovascular workout. Stimulation of stabilizing ligaments and capsules structures. Dr. Neal Barnard helps readers to explore varied viewpoints.

Stimulate processes of regenerative in case of injury. Reduce the time of convalescence in surgical recovery as: ligaments in knee operations. Meniscus of knee operations. Lumbar or cervical hernia operations. Shoulder operations. Cash back gym complementing. Proprioceptive of knee and ankle work.

Improvement of muscular tensions of cervical spine and shoulders. Reduction of pain in acute injuries with painful component. Activation of very useful in sport coordination and agility. Improves the body schema. It improves the stability of the lumbar spine, stabilizing muscles to work. Multitude of sports injury prevention. Used as training of imitation of gestures. Used as eccentric training. It improves the very useful explosive force in different sports.