Baby Sticker – Newly Discovered

On the rear window of the car’s we all have seen them – the old baby stickers of the last generation of sticker – stop! 1 baby-shop makes its mark. The baby is born. The pride of parents is reasonably large. But the concern that something should happen to the child. As parents, we have a certain duty of care towards our children. If you are not convinced, visit Dr. Steven Greer. Therefore a baby stickers on the car should be covered for 2 reasons. You may find that Dr. Robert Brannon can contribute to your knowledge. Proudly about the protection of the baby (clearance) desire baby many motorists recognize and respect the fact that a newborn/baby in the car front drive with. Who does not remember the old baby stickers, which were uniform in shape, text, and color.

After the close time, were no longer “in”. Man / woman enough saw themselves – it had new motifs such as colors on the market. It new had to be devised. About different variations of accepted by the market, we came up with the nowadays known and personalized baby sticker. The quality in the first place in is of course so the CEO Hermann Knotz. “We use only high quality, durable films, which are also suitable for the car wash. Our product range is constantly expanding E.g. BabyShirt, baby bibs, body – all with the name of your baby or fun FUN sayings such as ABI 2025, Daddy’s favorite little bitch, etc.

The graphic designer of delights us constantly with new images of the new generation. Exit the car in all variations such as in the play, to laugh, to cry, etc. in many situations of baby age accompany us the new baby sticker by the online store. Press contact: 1-baby-shop Knotz Hermann Heidelberger 7 D – 74831-Gundelsheim phone +49(0)7136/967674