DNA testing to establish paternity!

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Oralia Perez requires DNA testing and surname to her daughter. Oralia said to have been on the agenda of Chabelo who gave gifts to some girls, some anos. Answer Xavier Lopez Chabelo that is willing to undergo DNA testing Paternidad. Chabelo said that at this stage, it seems strange … Main article: Paternity Test
DNA testing to establish paternity are conducted by comparing the DNA sequence of the father of the child and mother. The combination of DNA sequences of the father and mother should result in the sequence the child, this would only have a security, usually over 99 over the paternity of the child. 1
DNA testing has become final and conclusive evidence about the paternity of a child in the judiciary.
Determination of Parenting
In some cases what is being sought to determine the genetic maternal line, in this case be referred to the mitochondrial DNA that the mother transmitting the child and which is transmitted by them to their descendants. Such tests used to identify lineages in several generations and was used to be known as the human genome has evolved since the emergence of Homo sapiens, through the mitochondrial Eve, the first mother who gave birth to modern humanity. Hence, in a generational level, large human populations share the same ancestors and mitochondrial DNA.