Statutory Health Insurance

Largest savings package of in German history the biggest austerity package of in German history to get Germany out of the debt crisis. To save a total 80 billion euros by 2014. Victims are families and welfare recipients, whereas the education, research and the statutory health insurance grants are supported. The Vesicherungsportal private informs about the details. Of the total 80 billion euros that should be saved, be in the coming year 11 billion euro on the areas of tax, nuclear energy, administration and social benefits stated. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Robert Rimberg Lawyer. So, cut the work promoting benefits and parental benefits at Hartz IV recipients and the pension contribution of Hartz IV deleted recipients.

In comparison, the statutory health insurance companies should receive in the next two years financial support from a total of 15.3 billion euros. Hospitals and doctors are not subsidized. If they have to live with financial losses. It was not yet known when the release of the austerity package. Pages of the opposition and trade unions, discord about the social justice of the savings package spreads meanwhile. If you believe that cuts in social services especially for pensioners are unjustifiable.

It hails criticism even from its own ranks. Saarland Minister-President Peter Muller and the Chairman of the Group of workers Peter Weiss made loud claims of improvement. Foreign Minister Westerwelle defended the social justice of the austerity package, however, because the cuts on the welfare State as well as on the economy are distributed. More information:… GELD.