The Truth About Carbohydrates

Hello, As you all know, generate nutrients the body needs calories and carbohydrates in this case bring 1 calorie for each gram of ellos. Today I’ll tell you something interesting they. It would be easy to control calorie intake and weight control, if we say that every gram of carbohydrate provides only 1 calorie, verdad’ is, if you eat 1 cup of rice, we are providing “only” 200 calories to our body. Which would be fine if we only make three meals a day and calorie requirements of the person are of the order of 1,800 or 2,000 calories per day. (Although these values are high for a sedentary person. We can talk about your calorie needs according to lifestyle). Josyann Abisaab But there is something hidden in carbohydrate at every meal, that very few know … Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Teva Pharmaceuticals by clicking through. It Glucemico Index (GI) according to Wikipedia, “is a measure to quantify the quality of carbohydrates. In short, it is an index that lets us know how fast you go up the sugar or glucose in the blood after eating the food, ie how quickly the glucose is digested and absorbed into the body. Pure glucose has a GI of 100 (maximum value), so it is digested and absorbed instantly to the body (or let’s say it fast). White bread has a GI of 70, which is high and implies that quickly raises blood sugar …. And other foods have lower rates … but I’m telling you all this’ Why to eat something with a high glycemic index GI, the blood sugar rises quickly. But there is involved the perfection of the human body instantly pancreas secretes insulin to lower these high levels of sugar … The only drawback is that it is principally the faster than you can do: converting the excess sugar into fat. Now they’re in shock, really, ‘This means that every time they eat white bread, too much sugar from the bread is transformed into fat almost immediately. Knowing that, henceforth, will be asking what can I eat carbohydrates that quickly raise blood sugar ‘Here I give three examples of a high GI, they should not eat if you are looking to lose weight: – popcorn 72 – Papa 80 – Rice 64 of the other there other foods that do not raise the level of sugar in the blood so quickly. This is because they are digested more slowly. For example, consider the GI of these foods: – Mani 14 – Apple 38 – Spaghetti 42 Now they know that not all carbohydrates are equal … some quickly raise the blood sugar and some not. Choose your food well .. . Well, that’s all for now. Enjoy your carbsCHR